Sleep…you mysterious bedfellow…

I went to bed around 3 last night. I have been lucky enough to spend most of the Summer of 2012 awake. I’m not sure why or how I got this lucky but I did. Last night as I sat reading a silly romance novel (They don’t actually keep me up. Even when I’m reading a gripping tale I can still fall asleep.), a friend in Rome was commenting on a Facebook post of mine. They were getting up and going to Florence and I hadn’t even closed my eyes yet. I knew then that today would be a highly caffeinated day. (I had two Paris Tea Lattes from CanCan before noon.)

Due to my grogginess, I’m not in the mood to put together a coherent blog post. Instead, I’m going to list a couple of ideas that could probably stand by themselves but my drowsy brain is not capable of elaborating on anything at the moment and I would like these ideas to stop floating around in my head.

  • I don’t feel the kinship with the Olympics that I have in years past.  I remember watching Dorothy Hamil and Mary Lou Retton when I was a child.  I remember watching Kerri Strug and waiting with baited breath to see all of the scores appear on the t.v.  In our 24 hour news cycle, everything becomes a sound bite or a breaking news story.  (SPOILER ALERT!!!)  You would have to live in a cave to not know that Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time or that the American women won gold in gymnastics today.  We don’t have to sit on the edge of our seat and wait for results anymore.  They are thrown in front of us at every turn.  My kids won’t have the Olympic memories that I have.  We are watching them together and enjoying it but a lot of the emotion and excitement is stripped out when you know the results before you see the broadcast.
  • Romance novels rock.  Yes, they are silly and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy them but they are a fantastic summer escape for an insomniac mother of four.  Not only have they been allowing me to park my troubles at the curb, they have been inspiring me to write more.  I know I can tell a story just as well or better than these authors.  If they can do it so can I.  As Jenni and I discussed writing this morning she had some powerful advice and reminders for me.  She told me that writing is our gift and we need to write for no other reason than to share our gift.  We are both fortunate enough to have been told that some of our pieces have helped our readers.  Jenni reminded me that we should only be writing to share and express our gift.  That’s something I need to keep in mind as I move ahead with my fiction pieces.  I need to remember to write them for the love of writing down words and ideas and not for any other reasons I might start to believe in the middle of the night.
  • We were the lucky recipients of some homemade chocolate chip banana bread.  The kids each had a slice at the island this morning before we left for camp.  When we returned three hours later, all of the napkins were on the floor and the bits that they didn’t eat had disappeared.  Coco was in her crate but Chip, our 17 year old terrier mutt, was roaming around.  So, either our ghost ate the remnants of bread OR Chip climbed up onto the stools and got the bread himself.

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