Found that place again

I found that magical place.  The place you want to keep returning to in every spare moment.  The place you dream about when you are supposed to be listening to someone speak.  The place that sometimes feels so real you forget that it isn’t.

I have that feeling you get when you can’t put down your book.  The impulse to shove everything else aside and read until you are cross eyed.  The sadness that you feel when you realize it’s only a book.

I’m creating other realities.  I’m writing about other worlds that are unfolding in my head.  I’m not sure where they are taking me.  I can’t write fast enough to find out.  And of course, the kids need tending to and it’s dinnertime and homework has to be done.  But I keep sneaking away to write a few words to discover what will happen next.

For years, decades even, I’ve read about authors who feel like they are channeling their characters.  It’s something that is hard to imagine if you don’t write.  Sometimes it is even hard to imagine it if you are a writer.  It’s a feeling that can be easily forgotten the same way the pain of childbirth slips your mind.  A writer can forget how good it feels to be absorbed in the writing.  How filled with bliss striking the keyboard feels.

Reading and writing are not all that different.  That channeling feeling is just like the page turner feeling.  I’ve been missing this magical place – my world filled with fantasy.  I’m happy to have found it again and hoping I don’t lose if for quite a while.


3 comments on “Found that place again

  1. Shannon Lell on said:

    Ahhh… I love that feeling! Happy for you and your fantasy world.

  2. Caroline Hartman on said:

    You have hit the nail on the head. My characters talk to me, I dream of them, wake up worrying about them. They are my family. So glad to know I am not alone.

  3. Sharon Ferguson on said:

    *jealous* I had that feeling earlier this year, and then it was the heat or something else that sapped it away from me, and now Im in that ‘valley.’ I hate it when Im in the valley because then I start second guessing myself…

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