my life…or why i forced myself to dance

I’ve felt a little unglued lately.  I feel like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall.  I answer simple how are you’s with a sigh.  I feel pulled in so many different directions sometimes that I can’t even make a coherent to do list.  Having the twins in elementary school technically gives me more free time but realistically adds a dozen additional items to my daily list.  Of course, they are thriving.  We knew they would right?  Gigs is too busy with all her friends to even sit with Eva on the bus.  Ethan is ready to skip elementary school and head to middle school.  He’s dressing the part with his little kid Elites. He’s acting the part with statements like “Holy Christmas Nuts!”  Those of you with kids in school know that school X 4 kids = uber busy.  Between Johnny Appleseed Day and Algebra homework, my head is spinning

With this new found time and extra craziness, I am trying to make sure I fill my downtime with creative, inspiring and energizing activities.  Last Saturday, while Alex and Justin were worshiping at the Temple of Baseball, I took a macaron class.  (Not to be confused with the coconut macaroon.  Macaron’s are the little french sandwich cookies.)  It was completely out of my comfort zone since I don’t consider myself much of a cook.  But I loved it.  I was so inspired and so in touch with my inner French girl self.

I’ve also become obsessed with my novel. I am constantly trying to steal a few minutes here or there to write.  I get into a good rhythm at about 3:10 each day.  Alex’s bus arrives at 3:13.  It guarantees I leave off at a point that I am excited about.

Last night I stayed up until 1 a.m. reading another romance novel.  When I got up this morning I couldn’t bear to work out as I was still tired.  So, I decided I would do it after work.  After work I went to Fresh Market and single handedly dismantled a display of baby artichokes.  72 artichokes plunged to their death at my hands.  I realized I had not had any caffeine yet and it was approaching 1:30. (Maybe the reason I couldn’t juggle the artichokes?)  I bought myself a Sencha shot of green tea. Imagine the most disgusting thing you could possibly drink.  Like slug juice comes to mind.  That is what this tea tasted like.  It said it was full of antioxidants but if the healthy stuff tastes like slug juice I won’t drink it (says the girl who has a kale smoothie every morning.).

When I got home I changed into my workout clothes.  I checked my email and made all my necessary phone calls.  I was about to work out when I realized I had a choice.  I could exercise or go to Starbucks.  With my limited amount of free time remaining, it was a no brainer.  I got in the car and went to the Starbucks drive thru.  Turns out it was a good choice because I needed the caffeine to help Alex with his Algebra, to help Eva clean her room and to cook my baby artichokes and salmon dinner in between making sure they all did their homework, got to and from baseball practice, making 4 lunches for tomorrow and doing a load of laundry.  (Alex wore his baseball practice jersey right out of the washing machine because we ran out of time to dry it.  He’s slowly learning he shouldn’t hide dirty clothes from me!)

I got off track somewhere.  I forgot to tell you about my dancing.  Most of you know, I don’t dance.  I can move with a group at a crowded bar like the Linebacker.  I used to be able to do a side to side shuffle clap dance in middle school but other than that I don’t dance.  Except for today.  After Starbucks I put on my favorite Maroon 5 album and sat down to write.  I got up for a second to grab a journal when Payphone came on and started to move to the music.  I ran back to my office, started the song from the beginning and ran to the back of the house where no one could see me.  And I danced.  I danced until the song was over.  It was energizing, inspiring and definitely out of my comfort zone.  And today I learned that an iced venti nonfat chai and five minutes of dancing to Adam Levine’s melodious voice is all this girl needs to glue herself back together again.


3 comments on “my life…or why i forced myself to dance

  1. Always dance like no one is watching, my friend!!

  2. Michael Ann on said:

    I love to dance. I love to sing. Music is the soul reviver!! Starbucks too :-)

  3. Dancing is such a great therapy and Adam Levine does that for me too :) I got the moves like Jagger is my anthem!

    What did you do with the Artichokes? I love them! I eat them quite often, but I also enjoy drinking Artichoke tea. Have you ever tried it? It’s good when prepared the right way and it is really healthy!

    I have digestive problems and this herbal tea has helped me cope with the symptoms. Plus, it prevents water retention! How great is that!?!

    If you are keen on Artichoke you should try making tea as well! Let me know if you liked it.

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