Forget about what I said in the last post.  I can’t focus on the past…today was far too precious.

When I got up I put on my fit flops and conquered some rolling hills on my exercise bike in my pajamas next to my bed.  This morning, Ethan got up at the same time and wandered into our room.  Justin got up to get in the shower and handed Ethan an iPad.  I was busy catching up on my horoscope and wondering what the latest jobs report would tell us.  Justin got out of the shower and Alex was rummaging through the clean laundry sitting in my room. I looked over at Ethan and glanced at the iPad.  All I could see was half a dozen naked men bent down in a circle.  I screamed, “get the iPad!” And Justin and Alex leapt from opposite sides of the room and met on top of Ethan.  Justin confiscated the iPad and quickly tried to figure out what he was watching.  It turned out to be a Discovery show but I  am still concerned about how my 5 year old found a naked caveman video.

The day culminated with a celebration.  A celebration of Gill…she passed her five year cancer exam.  Justin and I took Gill out to dinner.  We celebrated her victory.  What a long hard road Gill has navigated with such grace. We celebrated friendship and new beginnings.  We celebrated the fact that this long dramatic week was over.  We had collectively dealt with drama that paled in comparison to Gill’s accomplishment but nonetheless sucked us in.  We remembered what is important in life and promised to  close our ears to the unnecessary noise.  We toasted honesty and promised we would always teach our children the importance of honesty at all costs.  We touched our glasses and celebrated integrity.  And finally, since Gill is a new citizen, we toasted freedom of speech and the free expression of what you feel in your heart.  We clinked our glasses and returned to our children.

And to finish my evening, I put three giggly, dancing children to bed.  I danced and laughed with the souls that I love most.  I exchanged crazy looks with the older more reserved teenager who towers over me but has taken my heart.  I told him how proud I was of him this week.  He stood up for what was right.  It was hard and filled with angst but he learned that following your heart is always the right thing to do.

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