Maybe it really is the journey

During the last few weeks, it has come to my attention that the journey is really the most important part. I tried to explain this to my 13 year old on Monday night as he watched Alabama pummel our team, Notre Dame. When I was at ND in the early 90s, we had an awesome football team. Until, of course, they met Boston College on one awful weekend during my senior year. Because Notre Dame is a part of me and Notre Dame football is a part of our life, I know disappointment and I know how quickly glory can fade. This season was a blast for the Farley family. All four of our kids were finally old enough to understand all that Notre Dame is. No one asked to turn off the game on Saturdays because they knew that something big and exciting was going on. When the National Championship game approached, I went all out. I decorated the kitchen and family room. I bought shamrock straws, necklaces and crazy pants for Justin. It was exciting.

Of course, we watched the game and within the first minute all of our hopes were deflated. My five year old Ethan said he knew they were just pretending to be weak so they could get touchdowns at the end. Excuses were made. Pillows were thrown. Refs were called names. (In all fairness, the refs were horrible. Although ND probably wouldn’t have won, the momentum certainly could have been changed if the refs had made the proper calls.) And I smiled and emailed, texted and facebooked with current friends and friends of yesteryear. Alex looked at me at one point and scowled, “How can you be happy at a time like this!” I tried to explain it. I tried to tell him that I loved getting together with my college roommate and watching the USC game together. I loved thinking about the #1 being lit on top of Grace Hall like it was when I was at ND. I loved that he asked for an ND sweatshirt for Christmas and wore his jersey to school every Monday after a win. I loved being in touch with my friends as we all sat at home and watched the game. I loved the excitement of the whole can you believe it season. The journey was amazing.

It’s the same thing with my writing. I’m writing a romance novel. Well, that’s one of my projects. I know that I am going to publish it with Amazon’s Digital Service. I have no idea how it will go over. But, I am having fun with the process. I am excited and completed 12,000 words in five days while I worked and did all of the requisite family and home activities. I am 26, 014 words into the whole story. Suddenly, throwing down 2000 words a day is cake. Unlike last year when I struggled through it. I am having fun exchanging emails and texts with my friends talking about what may or may not happen to the characters. Who knows where the journey will end but this process, this road that I am on is fun and inspiring and even motivating.

I’m trying to teach my kids that the journey is the most important part. That it doesn’t matter if you win the game or the tournament or the top prize. It’s the road you took to get there. Be happy on that road. Be kind and inspire while you are on the road. Follow your heart. And you will always be happy with the destination.IMG_0241


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