I am ridiculous

****This is a confessional piece that I wrote in my writing class this evening.****

I am in love with Adam Levine. I am so in love with him that my almost 9 year old has changed the wallpaper on my phone to his picture. My 13 year old promptly changed my screen saver to “You should love Dad more.”

I am so absurd that my friends – Facebook and real life – and my students’ parents alert me to all of his appearances on t.v. They send me pictures of his tattooed abdomen. It’s become a joke and I guess I have too.

But I am so in love with Adam Levine that I am writing a romance novel and he is the hero…the sexy knight on a white horse. I am so enamored with sitting and pretending a newly widowed mom of three living in suburban Midlothian has fallen in love with an older Adam like character that I have written 31,000 words in the last few weeks.

I let Justin read them but he’s having a hard time and I can’t understand why. He said it’s like I’ve killed him in order to date Adam but he’s so wrong.

This girl in the book, my book has 3 kids. I have 4. And the guy, the guy who’s car she falls in front of while out for a run with her dog and holding a bag of dog crap, this guy is a decade older than Adam Levine. And he’s not in a band…

So, I tell him it’s soooo not me in this book and he, this guy who I’m married to, says he doesn’t care because he sees that writing this book is making me happy and how can I possibly be in love with Adam when this guy is there to greet me each morning…..adam_levine
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2 comments on “I am ridiculous

  1. At least your object of attraction is hot. Mine is a short Irish man in his fifties with four kids. :) yeah, he is still hot, though…

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