I Cannot Freaking Believe It!

I know what you want me to tell you.  I know what I want to tell you.  But it’s not that.  He hasn’t emailed or gotten in touch with me.  My post did get a crazy number of views and hits and I want to believe, I do believe, Adam was one of them.

What I cannot believe, what I cannot fathom is that my twins, my babies are six today!  Six is so old, grown up and big.  Six is in full day school.  Six is mischievous and silly.  Six still loves with reckless abandon.  But six is closer to seven which is only three years from ten and then middle school and teenage years and high school and college and….ugh, I think I want them to stay five.

I am obsessed with my little set of double happiness.  I can’t get enough of watching them torture each other one second and be so dependent on each other the next.  Ethan is all boy and can push his sister’s buttons like no one else can.  And Gigi tolerates it in a way that I could never imagine doing.  They are the perfect Frick and Frack.  They are yin to the other’s yang.

I see some signs that they want to separate a bit.  Gigs has mentioned not sharing a room and that might be because Ethan empties his dresser each morning in search of the perfect outfit.  And when I ask him to clean up his room he stuffs it all under her bed.  E draws crazy things on the kitchen table and “accidentally” screws screws into the wall.IMG_0430

At home I think it is harder for Gigs to be Ethan’s twin because he’s always up to something.   But at school, Ethan has a big act to follow.  Gigs brings home love letters at least twice a week.  She has a large following and clearly knows everyone in kindergarten and first grade, quite possibly the school.  One is alpha while the other is beta.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could be lucky enough to have them in my life.  They are the sprinkles on top of my sundae.  The whipped cream on top of my nonfat frappucino.   My rainbow when the sun finally comes out.

Thank you Universe for my double blessing!

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