My first speaking engagement

I am used to speaking in front of people. I do it all the time. Well, not really, unless you count speaking to three year olds. I know, they are people… Anyway, today I was the Mystery Guest in Eva’s classroom. The Mystery Guest is charged with discussing their career with 27 nine year olds. I was so nervous that I spoiled the surprise for Eva and told her last night. I started off by asking the class if they could name my three jobs. Writer was easy for them…some of their moms are proud owners of my book. Preschool teacher was pretty easy as well because I have taught some of their siblings. The last one was tough. They said everything they could think of; doctor, nurse, sales clerk, lawyer and waitress. I said my job entailed all of those jobs and one very smart little girl raised her hand and said,”a Mom!” Happy to report the little girl is one of Eva’s close friends and I can’t wait to tell her mom what she said.

The next thing I asked them was which job they thought was the hardest and most important. One very smart little boy raised his hand and said, “Being a mom.” And I told him he was right. We talked about how moms do a little bit of everything and never quite know what’s going to come next. We talked quickly about what each job entailed and moved onto the writing process. I talked about how I wrote my book and the publishing process. Then we made fortune tellers that were story starters. Each flap had a different idea on it to be used in a story. They worked with a partner and wrote their stories in crayon. The stories were allowed to be silly and they didn’t have to worry about mistakes. The exact opposite of what they are required to do in school. I wanted them to remind them that writing can be fun – something they are forced to forget with all of the required testing.

As they were writing, I heard one little boy ask his teacher if I was a real author and she said, “YES!” His response was wow. Which happens to be the exact same response I have right now…I am an author. My first speaking engagement was amazing. We ran out of time and couldn’t share all of the stories.

Of course, I hope they were reminded that writing can be fun. But I learned something today…yes, it is cool to be called an author. But even more importantly, this class filled with 27 nine year olds realized that the most important and difficult job I have is being a mom…and that’s not just because I have Ethan. Kudos to the moms of Eva’s classmates. They are raising their kids well!

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