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I am obsessed with numbers. Numbers of books sold, numbers of calories consumed, numbers of visitors to my blog, number of heartbeats in a minute…you get the point. Numbers make me tick and make me CRAZY! I am also obsessed with numerology but you already know I am into all things ‘new agey’ like tarot cards and horoscopes. So, the numerology probably isn’t a surprise to you. My book even features some numerology. In fact, if you have read the numerology part you need to know that I fell into that. After I finished writing most of the story, I picked numbers that I thought fit the characters’ personalities and when I looked for info on how they would relate to each other, I found the section that’s in the book. And if you’ve read it, you know the whole thing was meant to be because it describes them perfectly. There was a lot of fate in how it all happened but I don’t want to give any details of the book away by explaining it further. Last night I posted a question on Facebook asking if anyone wanted me to figure out their number. The response was great! So I thought I would do a little DIY numerology session on the blog.

Figuring out your number is simple. First, you take your birthdate – we’ll use mine as an example – 05-10-1972 and write it down in the format I used. Add the digits in the month together – 0+5=5. Next, add the digits in the date together – 1+0=1. Add the digits in the year together – 1+9+7+2=19.
You have to add the digits together until you get a single digit. In my example, my month and days are as consolidated as possible. I need to add the 1+9 together in the year to get a 10. Still need to break it down to add the 1+0 to get a 1. Then I take all the single digits and add them together – 5+1+1=7. And voila, I am a 7. Some numerologists do not add a 22 or an 11 together. That’s your choice. I think the 11 carries some of the qualities of a 2 so I like to say people are a little of both.

I figured out the corresponding numbers for my whole family back to my grandparents. It was amazing. I was looking for patterns and found that Eva and her two grandmothers are the same number…not really a surprise. Justin and my dad are the same number….hmmmm interesting. I’m sure Freud would have something to say about that! I was a little surprised that I did not have a match in my family especially with my grandmothers. But I do have matches with my friends which is really cool.

So, what does it all mean? Well, I have spent some time on some websites gathering information and learning about what the different numbers signify. Here are my favorite websites:,, and Token Rock.

Feel free to let me know what you find. I’d love to hear your stories with numerology. Maybe I’ll share what I had hoped to find with you one of these days….

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  1. Chris Steadman on said:

    I’ve recently become interested in numerology and I’ve found it to be wonderfully addictive. Especially the revelation of your own strengths and weaknesses. From which you can then employ to improve your world.
    My feeling is that Numerology can be used for the greater good of everyone on the planet. To that end, I’m spreading the word at my new web site Numerology Meanings Revealed

    All the best

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