Your words

Your words slay me. My book has reached more people than I ever thought possible. It’s left the 2-3-1-1-3 and moved out into the big, big world. And all kinds of eyes are reading it. Most of the eyes have been kind eyes. I’m meeting people who have been touched by some part of the book. I’m meeting other moms, moms who are being given a second chance at happiness like Heather. Moms who connect with the crazy, suburban lifestyle we are all trying to navigate. My heart swells with every thoughtful comment. It is hands down my favorite thing about the publishing process, connecting with readers. I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen when Tripped Up Love was published but this is beyond my wildest expectations.

But then there are the negative reviews and they crack my heart open. They make me question and stress about my book and what I am doing. They make me scared to check on my Amazon sales rank that I am so anxious to look at all the time. I want to answer each reviewer and explain things to them. I imagine their lives and wonder why some people like to be mean. But you know what? I am also learning from them. It’s forcing me and helping me to make The New Ever After even better and tighter. Never in a million readings would I have thought of some things that have been brought to my attention. Maybe I still don’t need too but it’s making me grow as a reader and a writer. And you know, that’s what this is all about. I didn’t imagine that my first book was going to be some sort of masterpiece. I just wanted it to let the reader escape and feel a bit of happiness. It’s my cupcake without the calories. I hoped someone out in this world liked it and the fact that even the people who are negative are saying they derived some pleasure from it is a good thing.

I just need to find a happy place in my mind that let’s me be Zen about this experience. I need to stop thinking about it at three in the morning. I need to stop checking my numbers and my stats. I need to dwell on the good but that’s really hard for a girl who even remembers what she was wearing when her 7th grade English teacher critiqued, very critically I might add, her method for finding all of the answers to her crossword puzzle. I’m going to need some powerful methods of shaking it off…or maybe I’ll just keep reading all of your notes that make me feel the way I hope my book makes you feel.

6 comments on “Your words

  1. tammy on said:

    Just think…. YOU WROTE A BOOK!!!!! ….. that is awesome!!!!!

  2. Johnnie Miler on said:

    It seems that those that make the mean remarks could be taking the “Persona of Tanya in your book”. I have found no one in our group that does not Love this book!!! Don’t let the negative ones get in your head….

    • admin on said:

      Good point, Johnnie!! Thanks for the reminder!! And thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog. Have a great day!

  3. joey on said:

    I loved your book. I read it in 2 days.I look forward yto reading your next book. I first have to catch up with my ‘to ado’s list. THANKS…..

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