Land of Suburbia

When I moved to Suburbia I felt a lot like Peter did in Tripped Up Love. I was really fearful about what I was getting myself into. I was a city girl. I was born and raised 18 miles east of New York City. Being in the South was an adjustment and then moving to a subdivision was another. We moved here from Chicago and crowded cities afforded me an anonymity the suburbs did not not.

But now I am more entrenched in the suburban life than I ever could have imagined. I drank the Kool Aid. I’m still a city girl at heart but I am also 100% Suburban PTA mom. And visiting the book clubs in my area has reminded me how fortunate I am.(You didn’t see that leap to book clubs coming did you?)

I’ve participated in three book clubs so far and each has been vastly different. They’ve ranged from beautiful spreads of food to sit down dinners, all lovingly prepared for us to share. One I felt woefully underdressed as I sauntered in late in Justin’s raincoat during a fierce rainstorm. And then I sat and listened to beautiful words of praise about my book and my portrayal of life in the suburbs. The questions have all been amazing. Some were written down beforehand and related to the writing process and others took on the larger issues we face as moms trying to raise our families in this ever changing and highly connected world.

But at each meeting people have shared their hearts with me. They have lavished me with praise and kindness even if I was late because I was scared of the lightning or if I spilled the chocolate dessert all over my white pants.

And now I know without a doubt that these women, the women I am trusting with a part of my soul, are women that I am proud to call my suburban partners-in-crime. And that getting together in fancy clothes with fancy foods to discuss things close to our heart is one of the ways we honor each other and also ourselves.

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