The New Ever After

Here’s a little excerpt that might make its way into my next book. This particular piece has not gone through the editing process yet…it will shortly. So, please bear with any mistakes. It looks like The New Ever After will be available the week of August 12th! I’ve included the cover at the end of the excerpt. Enjoy!!

Hank and I are at Pony Pasture for the afternoon. I’m sitting on the rocks watching him swim in the rapids of the James River. The sun is bright and the fish are splashing about in the water. I see his hands reach up in the air once. I think nothing of it. I think he’s trying to propel himself up. It’s not till I see his head bob up with his mouth open kind of like he’s gasping for air that I start to worry. His mouth’s open and he’s going to swallow water if he doesn’t shut it. And then I don’t see him. I don’t see his arms or the strawberry blonde hair on the top of his head. So I stand up. I hop across the rocks to try to get as close as I can to where he was. I start yelling his name, “Hank!” I start waving my hands. But I don’t get into the water. I search the surface to see if I can see him. I can’t see anything beyond the geese that are standing two feet in front of me looking for food. And I reach for my phone and it falls out of my sweaty palms and into the river and I start screaming again, “HANK!” No one answers. I can only hear the water running over the rocks and the paddling of the geese. I bend down and kneel on the rocks and reach my hands into the water and grab for anything I can find. I only grab the river plants and I can’t find anything that isn’t slimy. I’m looking for his hands and the tears are falling faster and furiously and I’m frantically yelling his name, “HANK! HANK! HANK!” But he won’t be able to understand it anymore because my screams are being muffled by my tears and the snot that is streaming down my face. “HANK! HANK! HANK!”
And then I feel his arms wrap around me and all I can say is, “Thank God! You’re alive.” And the arms grip me tighter and wake me from my sleep. I open my eyes and see the tattoos and I remember that he’s still dead and it’s not his arms that are wrapped around me.


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