Kismet and Pierced Hearts

You know I believe in destiny, kismet, fate and all that jazz. Silent moments, spoken words, missed opportunities…I believe it all happens for a reason. This afternoon I met with my editor. We reviewed the edits for the last part of my next book and we started talking about book three. I have a clear idea and sketchy outline for the next book. We said good-bye and I got in the car. The radio was on and it was playing a song I hadn’t heard before. The singer’s voice was so strong and I started listening to the words. The lyrics coupled with his voice pierced right through my heart. And at the same time, book three flooded into my soul. I pulled up to the Starbucks drive thru and there were about five cars ahead of me. Instead of going inside, I googled the singer. It turns out he’s 35 years old and grew up on Long Island not far from where I grew up. That was the clear sign that I needed telling me that this song would be the anthem for my next book. Just like that it was all figured out. I came home and read the lyrics and watched the video. The lyrics are perfect…the video is good and if you’ve read Tripped Up Love, you might laugh when you see one of Heather’s ‘fetishes’ acted out. The video tells a different story not the one that will unfold in my book but it still resonated as I watched my city, New York, and my old beaches pop up on the screen.

Destiny threw inspiration at me this afternoon. I need to put the final touches on The New Ever After but I also need to find time to honor the inspiration. Check out the lyrics…let me know what you think…watch the video WITHOUT the kids around…and listen to the voice that slayed me.
Here are the lyrics.
Here is the video.

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