I live to ride…kind of

I hate roller coasters. I can’t stand that feeling of anticipation before the big drop. You know that moment when you’re teetering on the edge of the drop and you have no idea what’s ahead of you? And then you drop and for a moment you’re not sure if anything will catch you or if you’ll keep falling. I’m not even a fan of the Elmo Coaster because honestly, it’s so short it just makes me dizzy.

But today, on the twelfth of August, I feel like I’m on a ride. I made myself get on this big coaster called life. I’m sure it will turn me upside down and inside out but I also have a feeling I’ll have a smile after the first drop.

My new book, The New Ever After, is here. It’s here for you to read and love. It’s a book about life and some of the struggles that face moms…all moms. We all feel pressures from different things. Some of us work, some stay at home. Some have one child others have five. Some of us count every calorie and others eat every last bite of the chocolate cake. But we all have love and sometimes love makes us crazy and makes us do crazy things.

My editor and I have worked harder than I could have ever imagined to bring you this book. I’ve written. She’s dissected. We’ve spent countless summer hours working for towards this day and it’s scary to hand something over to the world. Something that you’ve worked so hard on. But that’s the ride I’ve chosen to get on.

My new book is about life. It’s about friends. It’s about being a mom and not always being perfect. It’s about love. And it’s about living life to the fullest because you never know when it’s going to disappear….

Buy the kindle version here…paperback later today or tomorrow.

6 comments on “I live to ride…kind of

  1. Kristin on said:

    Yay!! It’s FINALLY here… I’m so excited, like the RUSH of adrenaline I get at the top of the hill right before the BIG drop because I do LOVE a roller coaster. On behalf of your enthusiastic reader fans everywhere, thank you for pushing forward up the hill on this scary roller coaster of publishing! Now it’s time to sit back and ENJOY the ride!!! Whoooopppeeeee!!!

  2. Eva Lesko Natiello on said:

    Congratulations! It sounds wonderful. Looking forward to reading it!

  3. Hello Julie,
    I met you at the Liberty Christian book fair. I wasn’t there long, however, it was fun and interesting to see and listen to so many authors who are passionate about their work. (I ran out when the lady announced to everyone that a storm was brewing. As I drove on 295, the lightning was flashing through the sky.)
    How exciting it is for you to have completed your second novel! Best wishes in promoting it and may it be very successful. :)
    ps. I have 3 kids and a black Honda Odyssey

    • Julie Farley on said:

      It was great meeting you Anita! Glad you enjoyed the festival. I left really quickly when she mentioned the storms too! My drive home to the south side was not fun!
      I will look forward to heading over to your blog as well!

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