Need a little Peter?

Seriously, who doesn’t need a little extra Peter in their lives? I know I do! Read on with caution if you haven’t read the first two books in The New Ever After Series. There may be some spoilers for you. Just remember, this is an unedited little piece that I wrote for fun. But it might have a few little hints about book three! Here is a little peek at what Heather and Peter are up to…

6:30 Heather: Just checking in to see what you’re up to tonight.
6:33 Jenny: Movie night with the kids. You?
6:35 Heather: Notre Dame game. Peter has the boys all psyched to watch “the greatest rivalry ever.”
6:36 Jenny: Who are they playing?
6:37 Heather: One of the Michigan schools
6:38 Jenny: Enjoy that!
6:39 Heather: Have fun with your movie. xo

“Hon, I’m going to pick up the wings for the game. Can you hold down the fort?” asked Heather.
Peter wrapped his arms around her waist as he answered her question. “Yep. Where are you getting them from?”
“I’m just going to run up to the KFC drive thru. Is that ok?”
“Well, last year we had Meditteraneo’s wings and ND won. We should get the same thing.”
“And you think they won because we had wings from Meditteraneo?”
“Not necessarily, but I don’t think we should change anything.”
“You realize that’s crazy, right?”
He locked his lips onto hers and kissed her hard enough so she didn’t care if he was crazy.
“EWWWWW! That’s so gross! Did he put his tongue in your mouth, Mom?” yelled Henry.
Heather turned bright red and mumbled out a reply. “No, of course he didn’t put his tongue in my mouth.” She tried to change the subject quickly. “Henry, pizza or wings?”
“Wings. Definitely wings.”
“Good answer. We didn’t have pizza last year so Peter might not have let you order it.”
“What are you talking about, Mom? Why wouldn’t Peter let me order pizza?”
Peter rolled his eyes. “Enough. I get it but it’s a big game. Go get the wings. I’ll watch the kids.”

Heather ordered the wings and sat at the bar and waited for them. The restaurant was pretty empty but she could hear a voice she couldn’t place from the booths behind the bar. She pushed herself up on her barstool to see if she could get a look into the booth but could only see the tops of the heads. With that view, she was able to figure out that the voice and very blonde hair belonged to Victoria. Heather could tell from the other head of hair she could see that her companion was a man. She could tell it wasn’t Ken, Victoria’s husband, and she knew it wasn’t Matt, Jenny’s soon-to-be-ex (at least Heather hoped he was going to be Jenny’s ex.). Her mind started racing. Did Victoria have more than one guy on the side? Could it be a brother? Or some other relative? What if it’s another dad from our area?

7:01 Heather: Victoria’s here with another guy.
7:02 Peter: So?
7:03 Heather: I’m staying here to watch her to see who it is. Might be a few minutes late.
7:04 Peter: Umm…Nancy Drew, I need my wings before kick off. I don’t want to jinx the Irish before they even start.
7:05 Heather: Ok. Ok. I’ll be home soon.

Heather rolled her eyes. She hoped Bossy Peter wasn’t making a comeback but she also knew he was right. She didn’t need to watch Victoria. The only reason she wanted to do a little spying was because it might help Jenny. But then again, if Victoria was with a new conquest Jenny might realize Victoria and Matt’s relationship was over and then Jenny might end up taking Matt back. Heather took a deep breath, went to the restroom and by the time she came out her wings were ready. She left without Victoria seeing her but was unsuccessful at putting the sighting out of her mind.

Peter met her at the door when she arrived and carried the wings into the kitchen for her.
“Perfect timing. 13 minutes until kickoff.”
“Dude, I have never seen you so worked up. You weren’t this excited for the season opener.”
“That’s because we played Temple. That was a gimme. This is Michigan.”
“Michigan State?”
“NO! Just Michigan.”
“You’re wound a little tight. Why don’t you have a beer with those wings and I’ll put the twins to bed?”
“Thank you,” said Peter as he moved her into the pantry out of Henry’s line of sight and kissed her in a way that would completely gross Henry out. Heather pushed him away after he lingered for a second and asked Gracie to help her bring the twins up to bed.
“Are you interested in watching the game, sweetie?”
“Not really but maybe I can cuddle next to you and read for awhile.”
“Perfect. I was going to veg and surf the internet on my iPad.”
Heather dressed George as he was still the squirmier of the two and now at 14 months getting bigger and even more difficult to handle. Gracie took care of Emily with ease. Heather loved watching them together. She didn’t have a sister, or a brother for that matter, and she loved seeing Gracie act like a little mom and loved watching Emily sit and watch her intently with her big blue eyes. They put the twins in their cribs, turned on a little music for them to fall asleep to and closed the door.
“Let’s go join those crazy sports fanatics!” said Heather as she grabbed Gracie’s hand and walked downstairs into the family room. Peter was sighing as they walked in and Hayes updated them.
“ND’s punting on the first drive.”
“That’s bad, right?” asked Heather.
“Yes,” said a not-so-happy Peter.
Heather grabbed her iPad and sat with Gracie. She went over to Facebook and checked Victoria’s wall to see if she could figure out if she had a brother or not. After looking at all of the pictures, she couldn’t match the top of the head she saw in the booth with anyone in Victoria’s albums. Heather got nowhere except started to get even more curious. Now was not the time to discuss it with Peter. Notre Dame was losing and his fists were clenched and his face was getting really red. Gracie wanted to go up to bed so Heather took her up. She let the boys stay downstairs to bond with Peter even though he wasn’t being that much of a conversationalist. Heather sat back down for the second half next to Peter. She surfed the ‘net a little more until her eyes started to close and she rested her head on his chest. Until the fourth quarter when Peter jumped up and screamed knocking Heather’s head off of him. She woke up when her head hit the couch and saw Hayes, Henry and Peter high fiving.
“What the hell, Peter?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Notre Dame just got a touchdown and we’re back in the game.”
“And I have whiplash from you jumping up.”
“And you said hell, Mom.” said Henry.
“I’m an adult. I can say it every once in a while.”
Peter sat down next to Heather again and wrapped his arm around her. He rubbed her shoulders and scratched her back. Until, he jumped up again.
“Peter, three of the kids are asleep. Be quiet,” moaned Heather.
“Michigan just intercepted the ball. No chance for ND anymore,” said Hayes.
“Then you two head up to bed. Let’s leave Peter to watch this by himself.”
Heather and the boys went upstairs and each climbed into their beds. Heather drifted off to sleep imagining what Victoria could be up too. A few minutes later, her favorite tattooed arms wrapped around her and rolled her over to face him………

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