Three Words

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a Facebook post about three unrelated words that I had written that day. They were Bikram Yoga, Big Mac and sexual creature. I guess technically they were three phrases instead of three words but you get the idea. Anyway, a fellow author/blogger/editor saw my post and commented. She said, “This needs to be a new author law. Every day every author must list three random, unrelated words from their daily writing!” The wheels in my brain started turning and we started emailing each other. Before I knew it Colleen Albert and I created a twitter handle and we’re ready to start a three words revolution.

Three words can tell you so much and so very little at the same time. Three words can inspire you. Three words can intrigue you. Picking three words out of your writing can be a game or a challenge. Three words can motivate you or hold you accountable. Three.Random.Words. Share your words with the world. Choose three words that dazzle, make our mouths water or leave us asking for more.

If you’re a writer, tweet your three words to our new hashtag #3wordswritten. Follow us @3wordswritten.

2 comments on “Three Words

  1. CM Albert on said:

    Awesome summary of our venture! Thanks for writing this. I love that James officially kicked us off and wasn’t afraid to play =) This is going to be so fun!

  2. I’m in!

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