Do you Nano?

November is an amazing and heartbreaking month for me for so many reasons. It’s a month filled with food, family and love. November looks yellow and sounds crispy. November is a month where my dreams are born and the month that I lost my dad.

It’s a story I’ve told before and you can find it well documented on my blog. Three years ago on November 29th, my dad died. I can recall everything I did during November 2010. I remember the painful decision to call in hospice. I remember driving up to D.C. with my brother to make sure everything was in order. I remember the brilliantly painful day when my dad was so clear and aware and wanted to talk about what he knew was his demise. I remember his request for his family to gather with him for his final Thanksgiving. I remember granting him his wish and his inability to eat. I remember the phone calls, the driving, the planning and the tears. I don’t have to remember the pain because I feel it. I felt it this week because he would have had a blast heckling his grandsons about the World Series and the Red Sox but his heart would have exploded to see them share his passion for his favorite game. And I feel it today when I’m about to embark on my annual challenge in his honor.

One might think my challenge to honor my dad would involve running. Those that knew him in his later years probably could never imagine that he was an avid runner and marathoner. I picked up running for awhile and ran a half marathon but after running, I mean chasing, four kids at the river last weekend I am well aware that my running career is short. So instead I will take on the writing challenge again this year. I will write a minimum of 50,000 words this month. The challenge is called Nanowrimo for those that don’t know. I’m cheating because I have two books that need to be finished so I’m not starting from scratch but I’m committed to writing at least 2000 words a day this month. I completed the challenge in 2011. Last year, I began my novel Tripped Up Love while competing in Nanowrimo. While I didn’t technically write 50,000 words that month I feel as if something bigger happened…I was moved to publish Tripped Up Love.

I’m going to dedicate my writing to my Dad…something I always do. But this is his month and I know he’s sitting on my shoulder cheering me on. So get ready for tons of updates on word counts. If you’re writing, follow along on Twitter on @3wordswritten and share three words you’ve written each day. If you’re not writing, follow your dreams…life is too short to do anything other than just that.

7 comments on “Do you Nano?

  1. Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan on said:

    Yes!! I’m doing it “write” now…hahaah

  2. That is a beautiful testament to your Dad I’m sure he is smiling down on you! October has a similar feel for me.
    I am using Nano as a jumping off point to start my novel with a 9 month old and a full time Job I don’t think I could hit the daily word requirement but I’m commiting to writing every day and setting aside time to pursue my dream :)

    • Julie Farley on said:

      Start with small goals and I promise you the daily word count will soon be cake! Congratulations on deciding to do it…there’s nothing like following your dreams! Keep me posted on your progress!

  3. Sibylla Nash on said:

    Yep, I’m in this year. :)

  4. Geraldine Nesbitt on said:

    Hi all,

    I signed up. My nano name is Geraldyn.
    I also have two books to work on. They are somewhat related, though one takes a much more personal view on issues than the other.

  5. Beautifully said.
    Yes I’m participating in Nano and as you already know @3wordswritten. Good Luck all!

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