On Friday mornings the twins are the only ones in the house for an hour. Alex leaves for school at 6:55 and Eva heads out to an enrichment class a little before 8. When they all leave, the twins get to be six.  The don’t have any older kids to impress or to run from. It’s just them. Generally, they put on cartoons. Cartoons that the older kids would quickly change. This morning I was a rude mom and changed the channel to watch Adam on The Today Show. Really, who could blame me!? Ethan asked inane questions like, “Do you think he’s hot or just like his singing?” After I shushed them 45 times, they started jumping from couch to couch in the family room singing “What does the fox say?” in really loud voices. Listening to Adam was not going to happen but watching him was my treat.  Anyway, back to the twins….it is amazing to watch two human beings that have grown up side by side interact with each other. They know what the other is thinking and that can be a fabulous thing or it can be awful depending on their moods. They are in separate classes but still know everything the other one did during recess and lunch. I would love to watch them interact or check each other out on the playground. I was thinking about all of this when I saw this video on Huffington Post. After I got over the fear that one of the babies was going to go under, I was in awe. Check it out…and then look at these pics of two of my fav little people!

IMG_1054 IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1071 IMG_1074 IMG_1078 IMG_1086 IMG_1093 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 IMG_1142 IMG_1149 IMG_1351 IMG_1370 IMG_1372 IMG_1665 100_0024 100_0123 100_0128 Picture 47 100_0175 100_0319 IMG_1751 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0176 IMG_0224 100_0360 100_0399 IMG_1807 IMG_0570 IMG_0895 100_0694 IMG_0950 IMG_1110 Back Camera 0102

One comment on “Twins

  1. Lisa Barock on said:

    Love it and all the memories that came rushing back! Enjoy their 6 yr old moments bc in the blink of An eye they are the same age as Alex!!!!

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