For five minutes this morning, I felt like Supermom. I was doing the single mom thing yesterday and today with Justin on a business trip and I don’t think I handle four kids on my own all that well. I find that I need some quiet time during the day with my thoughts to write and think and without it I feel a little cray-cray. So I spoiled myself at Target yesterday with two new books, a pair of boots I’ve been coveting and a late afternoon chai. (Can’t beat boots from Target – especially green boots from Target!) Spoiling myself would pacify me since I didn’t get my “me” time. It only kinda worked. But after a few phone calls with some pretty major players in my life, I realized I needed to snap out of my woe-is-me-my husband-is-away attitude and be very grateful for what I have. And I started feeling all kinds of gratitude and very carpe diem-ish. Then, Adam was named Sexiest Man Alive and I felt vindicated. I have been telling you that for quite a long time and it felt good to have People Magazine support my opinion.

Back to this morning. I got up, worked out and saw Alex off to school. The little guys got up and dressed. I threw dinner in the crockpot and started a load of laundry. I was all “I can do this on my own with my eyes closed” when Ethan managed to knock over a lamp in the family room. The lamp didn’t suffer any major damage and if you tilt your head when you look at it you’d never know anything was wrong. I contemplated piling them all in the car to get a treat at Starbucks and a chai for me before I went to my “long” day at work. So I ran upstairs to put the finishing touches on my face. As I was coming back down the steps, I heard a scream. One of the mirrors on our newly painted family room wall mysteriously fell and was being held up by Ethan who happened to be standing on the arm of the chair at mirror height when it fell. I’d say there’s not that much of a mystery about how it fell…I grabbed the mirror, yelled a little louder than I should have at Ethan and checked the laundry that had suddenly stopped. The washing machine stopped   mid cycle filled with water. I couldn’t get it to drain. I panicked for a second ad realized 1-there would be no Starbucks and 2-I no longer felt like Supermom.  I fiddled with the washer and ended up leaving a full load of laundry in a filled washing machine for six hours. And as I kissed the three little guys good bye and loaded a teepee into the car for preschool, I realized there is nothing like parenthood or working with kids to bring you right down to earth. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, someone pulls the tablecloth out from under your first homecooked meal in days.

I expected to come home to a flooded laundry room and a singed meal in the crockpot but instead I heroically fixed the washing machine (who knew unplugging it would work wonders!) and dinner was a hit.  Right now, at this very moment, two kids are on i-devices, one is watching the news and the other is reading. And me, this very grateful mother, is sitting writing while surrounded with those that I love most in the world….but now I’ve got to run because Ethan’s tooth is bleeding and he’s filled a tissue with blood. ***Update – The tooth fairy will be visiting tonight.  Hope she gets her act together. On Tuesday morning she had to leave the tooth money in the kids’ shower because  a little boy woke up too early.IMG_1648

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