Three Boxes

***This story contains spoilers!! Read Tripped Up Christmas first!!***

Heather looked at the three boxes. One was large and really heavy. Another was large and light and the last was much smaller. She started with the large light one. She ripped the paper and found a shipping box from Zappos that had been opened. When she opened it she found an invoice for a pair of size 7 Bailey Button Uggs in Astro Turf. The invoice was stamped Final Sale – 70% Markdown. Obviously a color that was not a hit and an end of the season sale Hank had not been able to resist. She pulled them out of the box.
“Dad bought you those? In that color?” asked Hayes.
“Green’s my favorite color and he knew I had a hole in my Ugg slippers. You know how crazy I am about having warm feet,” said Heather.
“Open the next one! The big one!” said Henry.
Heather slid it closer to her and tore the paper off. The box was heavy – really heavy. The actual box was a plain old brown box with Hank’s work address on it. The return address was handwritten in the lefthand corner. Heather opened the unsealed box and found a turquoise retro typewriter. It looked like it was from the 50s although, Heather wasn’t good with figuring anything like that out. She lifted it out of the box and found a sheet of paper with a handwritten note underneath it.
Sorry we couldn’t find one of these before Christmas. Hope you can hide it away till next year.
“Why’d Dad get you an old typewriter?” asked Hayes.
“Because your mom dreams of being a writer. He wanted to help her make her dreams come true,” said Diane, Heather’s mom. Heather had tears streaming down her face now. She could only imagine what it would have been like to have opened this in front of Hank. He would have had the biggest smile; so proud of himself for finding the perfect gift.
“Open the last one, Mom,” urged Gracie.
Heather took a deep breath and shook the last box. It fit in the palm of her hand and weighed next to nothing. It had been wrapped loosely. She opened it carefully not sure what she was going to find. Underneath the paper was a blue plastic bag with the Palmetto State symbol on it – a palm tree and a moon. The bag had a Hilton Head address on it. They had been there a week before Hank had his heart attack. She opened the bag and found a jewelry box. Inside she found a silver Alex and Ani bracelet with a seahorse dangling from it.
“Cool! I remember when Daddy bought that for you on spring break,” said Gracie. “I didn’t know it was a Christmas present.”
“Who knows…maybe it wasn’t but it’s pretty special to get all these things today,” said Heather through a mask of tears and memories.
Diane walked over and gave Heather a hug. “He sure loved you, sweetie.”
The doorbell rang. Surely it had to be Donna and Phil this time. Heather couldn’t take any more surprises.

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  1. Debra Radecky on said:

    My book club tonight is doing Tripped up Love. I let them know about the Christmas story so I can share this with them tonight. Another tear falls….love this series

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