good-bye 2013

Time’s whizzing by in a fuzzy blur. I swear it was just yesterday that I was celebrating New Year’s Eve 2012 with an early bird dinner and drinks with the ones I adore. The twins turned six and my teeny, tiny Eva was not approaching double digits. Alex was still in middle school and we went on a great Midwestern vacation. Oh, and my books were simply words and thoughts on my computer.

I love the number thirteen. I love that something so unlucky and filled with superstition can turn out to be completely magical. And 2013 was filled with life changing moments and things that should be savored but might very well be forgotten. My oldest is a high school freshman and member of the Class of 2017.  High School has wrecked havoc on our schedule in many ways but he’s settled in beautifully and mostly made us proud…except for the time he borrowed an extension cord for five days for a Homecoming float and it turned out, unbeknownst to us, to be the cord from the fridge in the garage.

Who am I kidding? This year was happy and uneventful for my other three kids and I know that is a good thing – maybe even a great thing. But this year, 2013, was gigantic for me.  I took my dreams and turned them into a reality and have forever changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined. I published two books and as 2013 comes to a close I’m almost ready to bring you two more.

In 2014, I know I want to live bigger, bolder and better. I’m not ready to share specifics with you but I have them stored away in my mind and on the pages of my journals. And I’m excited and inspired and really that’s a good portion of all that matters.

As these days of 2013 close, I want to thank you for all the continued support. I know I’m a broken record but I’ve achieved things I couldn’t have done alone and I have you, the people who choose to read my words, to thank. My heart is bubbling over with love and gratitude.1abdcc1a2ed839d4b14803aac0927a41




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