I fell in love

We had two weeks off. Two weeks with all six of us together…24/7. On Sunday night, our last night together, I didn’t want it to end.  I poopoo’d (new word in 2014) all the other mommies on Facebook who were rejoicing in the knowledge that they would have a few moments on their own on Monday. I wanted to get under the covers with my favorite Farleys and pretend the real world didn’t exist…just like we had done for the last two weeks. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Eva had a dreaded appointment with a doctor and she was afraid to go to school in case her tummy hurt again. (She had a ruptured ovarian cyst over break and it was traumatic for all of us.) It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to work. I spent Sunday prepping my lessons as my preschool class was appropriately “traveling” to Antarctica and I missed all those smiley faces and adoring voices. Other than the doctor’s appointment, there wasn’t anything I didn’t want to do. It was simply that I fell in love with my family again.

Don’t get me wrong…I never fell out of love with any of them. But without homework, packing lunches and early morning schedules, I was able to enjoy the giggles and the crazy messes. I was able to laugh at the silly antic that spilled the milk all over the table or the careless placement of the take-out container that had been dragged behind the couch by our furry puppy. Justin and I weren’t two ships passing children on the way to basketball or art class. We talked, we watched movies, we read (I read the 700+ page book The Goldfinch), we played games and games and games. I wrote words that had been sitting in my heart. We roller skated,  jumped on trampolines and bowled. We spent time with the people who own parts of our hearts and reconnected with the ones we don’t get to see as frequently.

As we were going to sleep on Sunday night after the Downton Abbey premiere, Justin marveled at how tight our little clan is. I marveled at the fact that I wasn’t counting the moments until Mommy had some free time. And then, yesterday, after a pretty good appointment, we came home to the news that school would be delayed due to the freezing cold temperatures. “When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,” an unexpected three hour block of Mommy time filled with things I didn’t even know I needed. So I’m back to normal, I braved the Arctic temps and put the kids on the bus with a smile and I’m ready to woohoo it with the other moms on Facebook.

This holiday break reminded me of what I have and what I want. It got me ready to enter the real world again. And it made me appreciate my every-single-day. We’re back to normal—making sandwiches with mustard and some with mayo—but this break made it easier when I found a little bit of graffiti on my cabinet and across Ethan’s Odd Todd Snowman homework. Sometimes when you’re in those crazy moments it feels like you’ll never find the peace-filled ones again…but you will, I will, we all will.1502488_10202444908221891_1978218023_n

2 comments on “I fell in love

  1. Michelle James on said:

    You have a beautiful family. Those days of packing lunches, playing games, helping with homework are numbered, but the fun you have together has no end. My children are grown with families of their own, but when they come home it is a time for celebration.
    Have a wonderful day.

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