Have you ever wanted to start a revolution?

I can feel my Mama Bear claws coming out. They’re ready to attack and fight for what I know is right. Part of me wants to help institute change—meaningful change that others will benefit from. I know I’m capable of doing it and I know I’m on the side of reason. But there’s a bigger part of me that’s ready to retreat, keep my head down and get beyond this stage.

See fighting for what’s right is hard and selfless. By the time you fix what’s wrong and change the policies, I bet many times you can no longer benefit from your efforts. And then while you’re fighting the people who don’t agree with you, you turn you into the bad guy. It can probably get ugly and scary and you have to believe in your cause with your whole entire heart and every ounce of your being.

No one’s going to get hurt…so I’m probably going to take the road most traveled and keep my voice down. Have you ever wanted to start a revolution…and done it?


One comment on “Have you ever wanted to start a revolution?

  1. CM Albert on said:

    I do speak up a lot, but I’m not sure I could honestly claim owning a revolution =) I know someone who is in Charlotte though. She’s championing getting nurses in the schools every day of the week. Right now, we only have nurses in schools twice a week. So, if your kid has a serious medical issue, it better be on a Tuesday or Thursday! =) I am so in awe of her. It is a HUGE effort she’s undertaking, but exciting to see her successes. That said, I want the same outcome, but I loathe politics and so many revolutions to make serious change require some political nuances, even if just “politics” within institutions and not necessarily government. I’m rambling. You go girl. For some things, a fight is worth it. I’d love to privately hear what the issue is over. ;)

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