Dear Patience,

Image 2Dear Patience,

I’ve been inspired by you since the moment I found out you existed, Richmond’s Kindness Girl. On a whim and with a desire to host an inspiring night for my friends, I emailed you and asked you to come to my house. And out of the sheer goodness of your heart you did come to speak to us.

Eighteen of us plus five kids and one husband gathered in my family room to listen to your story. Each part of your journey inspired me. I loved hearing about how you were called to kindness and the first post-it note you left in a book. I could sit and listen to your kindness stories all day. This big, wide world can sometimes fill us with things that are mean-spirited and you do the opposite. You add glitter to the world and into the everyday journey of the people who need it most. Your mission to share kindness with the world is of course admirable but was only one of my take-aways from tonight.

You talked about your calling and how you felt it deep inside of your soul and the fact that what you were called to give was what you needed most…kindness. I love that you were so candid and able to admit you have good days and bad days. I do too. I get that. I fail miserably at my writing and parenting somedays. I write a bunch of words that sound really terrible and then get mad at my kids for something silly. Your words and your honesty lifted me up.

Oh and when you talked about being enough…your words struck another cord. We are each enough but you reminded me that it’s okay to admit that at certain moments we aren’t enough and we need help. We need each other. We need the words, the arms and the ears of the people around us.

Patience, you reminded me to dig deep and to follow my calling. You told me to give what I need. You showed me how to share kindness with my little world. I feel like I made a new friend tonight. Thank you for sharing your soul and your heart.



P.S. Thank you for being so kind to the little one what wants to be Kindness Girl Jr. You rocked her world…and mine.

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