A little tease

Here is chapter two or three of Another Tomorrow. I can’t wait to bring you the rest of it! Remember, this has not been officially edited…in other words, be kind!

“The cable box is in my house. Of course I have the authority to change the cable package!” yelled Jenny.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but your name isn’t listed on the account. I only have a Matthew Curtis listed.”
“Matthew Curtis was my husband. He doesn’t live here anymore.”
“But he’s the one I need to talk to in order to change your movie package.”
“He doesn’t care what kind of movie package I have! He had an affair. He’s gone. I kicked him out and I’m not asking him if I can change my cable package!”
“I’m sorry but he’s the only one who can make this change.”
“Then I want to cancel my service.”
“Ma’am, Matthew Curtis is the only one who can cancel the service.”
“But I pay the bill!”
“I understand you’re the one who pays the bill. I can only make changes if I’m speaking to the person whose name is on the account.”
Jenny slammed the phone down. She was thirty-eight-years-old and the cable company wouldn’t let her make a change without the authorization of her philandering husband. She felt like she was in middle school again trying to prove that it was really her mom’s signature on her Earth Science test and that she hadn’t plagiarized it. Why did he still have power over any part of her life? He was the one who chose to ignore their marriage and she was the one who seemed to be paying for all of his mistakes. Jenny needed to cut some of her finances. She spent an inordinate amount of money on the cable bill and was determined to get it cut down, but she dreaded calling the cable company.
In order to try and get her mind off of the fact that sometimes she felt powerless, she logged onto her email. Three SignUp Genius emails sat in her inbox. One reminded her to bring the snack to basketball, another told her to send in a jar of cinnamon for Colonial Day in Zach’s class and the last reminded her it was her turn to be the Mystery Reader in Ava’s second grade class. Heather, her boss and her best friend, had forwarded her a couple of emails from people requesting information about Heather’s book and appearances. She’d deal with those later. And then there was the email she enjoyed the most, her horoscope. Jenny used her horoscope as her mantra and read it every single day frequently before she even got out of bed – especially now that her life had taken a topsy turvy turn. But today, she realized she still hadn’t read it.

Sagittarius – The new moon in your sign. Today is the perfect time to get rid of the old and bring on the new.

And with those twenty-two words, the final words were written in the last chapter of her marriage. That was the only sign she needed. Well, that coupled with the call to Verizon and her inability to control her television with Matt’s name on the account. It was time to end things with him for good. The months of wrestling and wondering if it was worth it to leave him were over. Staying with him because it was hard to lift the Christmas boxes on to the top shelf of the garage, too quiet after the kids went to bed or because she wanted to stay on his health insurance were not good enough reasons. Her ego had been screaming at her to get rid of him for good. No woman with any self esteem would stay with a man who had an affair. Now her heart was telling her it was time to start over, and her horoscope and Verizon were screaming it at her too.
The phone rang just as she had settled everything in her mind.
“Hey. How are you this morning?” It was Heather.
“Fine. I’m about to head out for yoga before I make my way to your place.”
“Good. Will you be hot, sweaty and stinky when you arrive?”
“Can’t wait.”
“By the way, I made up my mind. I’m done with Matt. I don’t want to drag this out any longer.”
“What made you decide that today?”
“My horoscope.”
“Are you serious?”
“It gave me the push I needed.”
“I would have given you that push a long time ago but I’m glad you got it somehow. I was getting nervous after you spent Christmas together.”
“You know that was just for the kids. I needed to do this on my own time. Now that my head’s clear I need to figure out what the next steps are.”
“I’ll help you in any way I can. I hope you know that.”
“I do. Thanks! I’m off to hot yoga.”
Jenny grabbed her yoga mat and her bag and made her way to the door. On the way out of the garage she stepped on a cat’s tail.
“Shit! The cat!” yelled Jenny. She couldn’t remember the last time she had fed the cat or seen it. She barely remembered its name. The cat was Matt’s. It was an outdoor cat and spent most of its time outside because it didn’t like kids. Jenny opened the garage door to let the cat in, then ran in and filled a bowl of food for it. She quickly closed the door and jumped in her car, not wanting to be late for yoga and thankful that as far as she knew, the cat was the only living thing she had forgotten about.
Yoga was the only place she found any peace lately. Phones weren’t allowed in the studio so she was completely free of all interruptions. She knew if the kids needed anything they could call Heather or Matt. They were safely at school and a ninety minute class twice a week was her reward. Reward for what, she was not always sure.
Heather called again as soon as she got to Huguenot Road, a mile from the studio.
“Hey, I’m going to need someone other than Peter to read the first draft of my novel. Are you up for that?”
“Sure Heather, we’ll talk when I get there.”
“I know you’re on your way to yoga but we always get involved in other things and I keep forgetting to ask you.”
“No prob. See you in about two hours.”
Her new novel? Of course, she had a billion kids, the hottest guy in the county, maybe the world, and she had written a new novel…probably in her spare time while she was waiting for the bus to come or in between loads of laundry. Jenny couldn’t help thinking it. Yes, Heather was her best friend and she had been through so much but everything worked out a little too perfectly for her sometimes. Who trips and breaks their ankle in the middle of the street and ends up falling in love with the guy who rescues her? And the guy happens to be a famous author? Really? Her life had gone from nightmare in the 2-3-1-1-3—when her thirty-eight-year-old husband died unexpectedly—to the biggest happily ever after of the millennium. Jenny knew the pain Heather had felt. She was there when Heather saw her dead husband’s body in the hospital. She rubbed her back when she banged his chest willing him to wake up. Jenny knew all that but still the too-good-to-be-true things that seemed to fall out of the sky into Heather’s lap made Jenny roll her eyes.
She needed to find a real job. Working for Heather and Peter just wasn’t going to cut it. Peter had offered her health insurance and every other benefit she could imagine, but Jenny didn’t like feeling as if she were taking handouts from her friends. Her problem over the last few months had been being afraid to make it on her own. She didn’t know if she could. Most days it seemed easier to get back together with Matt and forget this whole thing happened. But, thankfully, she had her pride and wouldn’t let herself do that. Matt had been nothing but pleasant lately. He doted on Jenny’s every need and even tried to anticipate what she would need next. One day when she got back from Heather’s, he was changing all the outside light bulbs. They hadn’t even gone out but he was putting in all new bulbs. He mowed the lawn, fertilized, aerated and did all the stuff she never understood or cared about. He made himself useful. But it didn’t matter. She still couldn’t get over the fact that he had cheated on her…with Victoria no less. He never had any problem owning up to it but there was no way Jenny could get past the fact that he slept with another woman. It irked her to hear him talk about how Victoria manipulated him. Couldn’t he have been a little stronger? He was like her puppet. He let her control him and call the shots. He was a puppy who turned up at Victoria’s door anytime she asked him to. How could he have let Victoria take away his power? Heather and Jenny had spent many hours discussing it. Heather could not understand why Matt was acting like a girl. Matt swore he ended the relationship as soon as Heather spotted them at the bar that fate-filled Saturday afternoon. To Jenny, it didn’t really matter that it ended. He only ended it because he had been caught. Maybe he had been scared of Victoria and what she would do but he still had sex with another woman on their family room floor and that was a hard pill to swallow any way you mashed it up.
Jenny took a few cleansing breaths before she walked into the studio to clear her mind of all her stress and negative thoughts. She wrote her name on the sign-in sheet and headed for the locker rooms to set her bag in one of the lockers. She placed her mat in her usual spot in the back left corner along the windows. She liked to be in the back so no one was behind her watching her in compromising yoga positions. The class was filling up quickly. The mats were separated by mere inches. In front of Jenny was a man scrunched up in child’s pose. He stretched his arms over his head and side to side. Jenny stretched her legs out in front of her. The teacher walked in and turned on the lights welcoming everyone to class and inviting them to stand up. Jenny always got nervous when guys were in front of her because they had so much more to cover up down there than women did. She never wanted to catch a glimpse of anything extra but this guy seemed to be adequately covered with spandex shorts under his running shorts. She settled into the poses and focused on her breath. As they moved into the floor series and wind relieving pose, the guy let out all of his wind, and not from his mouth. The teacher focused the class on their breathing but Jenny wanted to stop breathing so she couldn’t smell it. The teacher also gave the class a gentle reminder about not eating anything two hours prior to class. The teacher didn’t say it but that was obviously what this guy had done, and from the smell of it he must have had a Big Mac. Bikram Yoga and Big Macs didn’t mix. Jenny gathered herself and got through the rest of the class. She wanted to leave quickly and didn’t spend much time relaxing on her back in Savasana but made her way to the locker room instead. She grabbed her bag, threw her sweatshirt on and glanced at her phone. No messages. That was a good thing. She went to the front of the studio to sign out and purchase a container of coconut water only to see that the wind blower was standing at the water cooler with a towel draped around his too sweaty neck.
“Good class today?” he asked.
“Yeah, it was,” replied Jenny.
“Want to grab a coffee at Einstein’s?”
Jenny’s eyes popped out of her head. Was he asking her out? Was coffee a date? “No, I have to go to work. Thanks though.”
“Well, maybe another time. I’ve seen you at this class before. Do you come to this class everyday?”
“No not everyday.” And now I won’t be coming to this class at this time anymore. I don’t need a farting yoga stalker.
“Well, next time we’re both here maybe we can grab some coffee. I’ll bump your phone to mine and we can exchange contact info.”
Bump my phone? I don’t want to bump anything with this guy. “Sorry. I don’t bump,” said Jenny as she walked out the door as fast as her sweaty and tired legs would take her, skipping the coconut water in order to get away as fast as possible from this guy.

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