Right now

Right now, my mind feels full like it’s just returned from a vacation and is overwhelmed by re-entry. But the vacation was really the flu and I’m left without memories of palm trees and sandy beaches. Instead, my brain’s foggy and I feel like I’ve lost the plot. Right now, I’m sitting on the couch with my ten-year-old little girl who broke out in hives. I’m wondering if she accidentally consumed tree nuts at our little St. Patrick’s Day happy hour or if she has a new allergy waiting to be discovered. Right now, I’m feeling a little whiny because I just fit Ethan’s baseball schedule on to the calendar and I am annoyed that there are games at 7:15 for seven-year-old kids. But maybe I’m just scared of all the entries on the spring calendar and wishing my boys preferred sports that were timed instead of one with very few time constraints. Right now, I’m obsessed with MH370. I can’t get enough of the articles on the internet. I’m waiting anxiously for updates and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a loved one of one of the passengers. Like the mom with two little kids who’s waiting for word of her husband, the father of her children. Right now, I’m reading and re-reading book three hoping it’s ready to go out in the world. Right now, I’m hoping this will be the last time this season my world will be covered in snow. Right now, I’m thinking about St. Patrick’s Day twenty-one years ago and that early Spring day at Notre Dame that brought me Justin. And I’m thinking about how little tiny seemingly innocent moments can change your path forever. And I’m realizing how few times you realize the moments are the life changing ones until you have some hindsight. Right now, I’m thinking about Looking for Alaska and the turn the plot just took that I never expected. Right now, I’m hoping I’m about to bundle up in my long down coat for the last time this winter as I make my way out to the bus to get my little twin leprechauns. And when I come back in I hope my find feels a little lighter and ready to face the evening.stpat

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