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I’ve decided to start sharing some things I love in my fair city, Richmond, VA. Sure I wax nostalgic for my old cities, New York and Chicago, but in all fairness Richmond has a lot to offer and I’m kind of falling in love with it.IMG_2335

I think I’ve mentioned my first love before…bbgb. It’s an independent bookstore specializing in children’s books but has a small selection of adult books and a large selection of my new fav—YA books. The owners curate the selection which simply means they handpick every title. We went in this weekend to buy a birthday gift and ended up buying five books. And that happens each time I go in. The owners and other people who work at the store know the books and make personalized recommendations. I loooove when they walk in the back hall and come out with a book they think I will adore. If you need a gift—any kind from housewarming to birthday gift—this is a place to find something unique. I looked at Justin as we walked out and said, “Just be happy I can’t get down to Carytown more often.” This girl is addicted.

After seeing friends post on Facebook about Sugar Shack Donuts, we tried it last fall. It was love at first taste. Be forewarned, the line can be long but it moves quickly. One donut will fill you up, unless of course you are my over six foot tall fourteen-year-old, then you may need two and the remainder of all of your siblings’ donuts. Sugar Shack is right across from Maggie Walker High School. IMG_2328

My last love is an obvious one, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It’s obvious and on the list of many but a favorite in our family. We popped in over the weekend and spent time looking at one exhibit—the work of Ryan McGinness. Catch it while it’s in town. The artist picked objects from the museum and turned them into imaged that he screenprinted into a vibrant collage. My description doesn’t do the work justice, but it’s really cool for all ages.IMG_2334

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