Today is the day I get to say a temporary so long to my least favorite task…packing lunches. I pack four lunches a day for approximately 180 days give or take a few snow days, half days or special events. Still, that’s a lot of lunches. Am I alone in saying the mind numbingly dull task of packing your child’s lunch is the worst?

I intend to put so much thought and energy into the calories my kids gather from their lunches. I pin ideas from Pinterest that look delightful. I look at my preschoolers lunches and get more ideas to make my kids’ lunch box more exciting and appealing. I make sure everything’s BPA free. I pack it all up in a cute little Tupperware so we save the earth from the dreaded Ziplocs until I don’t feel like rinsing out the Tupperware and I throw it in the Ziplocs that will fill the landfills of yesteryear. I pack little containers of hummus and fresh veggies and one of my kids (no names but he’s missing a lot of front teeth) brings me back a lunch box filled with containers filled with hummus and no longer fresh veggies each day.  Or I walk up to the third floor and find the dog eating a sandwich from a certain high schoolers backpack. So, I try dips and turkey roll ups. Bagels with organic cream cheese. Yogurt with fresh fruit or yogurt with Oreos mixed inside. Sliced mango, pineapple, grapes or strawberries. Napkins with secret messages of love. But then after Monday passes, I resort to a lunch that typically ends up all one color—kind of orangey brown—goldfish, a Chips Ahoy, mandarin oranges and a pb&j. The only difference in color being the smears of grape jelly from the squeezable container on the sides of the Tupperware.

So let me rejoice for a few days or weeks as I celebrate the leaving behind of the lunch containers and instead turn to my new temporary job as a short order cook to four children who will likely never agree to eat the same thing while mom is at the stove. Oh, I’m sure I’ll be longing for the lunch boxes in no time at all but until then I’ll enjoy the one sign that our carefree days of summer are upon us.


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  1. Michelle James on said:

    Julie this was such a fun blog post. I enjoyed it so much and while reading it, I did some reminiscing of days gone by. I am impressed with your creative lunches. My sons would have thrown them in the trash (so I wouldn’t know they went uneaten) and bought the greasy pizza and fries from the cafeteria.
    Have a terrific summer with your children. Times-a-flyin’.

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