One week ago today a dear friend had a stroke. A stroke…it still seems so completely unbelievable. He’s a dad, a husband(to one of my favorite people in the world), a son, a brother, an uncle, a godfather, oh…and a friend. People are drawn to Tim. He has the ability to talk to anyone wherever he goes. He has a magnetic personality that immediately draws you in. He’s funny—really funny— and an all around great guy. But people gravitate toward Tim not only because he’s the life of the party, they want to be near him because he’s kind and so generous. His heart is huge. He’d do anything for anyone. To be friends with Tim is to have a friend for life.

Right now, Tim needs his friends more than ever. He’s going to need our support in every way. Tim has made incredible progress this week…amazing progress. Check out the Caringbridge page Lisa has created to keep everyone updated. He’s headed to rehab in the next few days and I am certain he will work his tail off to get himself in tiptop shape. But the truth is life has changed and with those changes will come challenges.We will all continue to cheer him on and help Lisa and the boys in as many ways as possible. But I want to ask if you’d help by donating to this fund we’ve started—The Tim Horton Donation Account.  This account will help pay for the medical bills that will start arriving shortly. It will pay for the best medical supplies we all want our guy, Tim, to have. It will pay for any expenses Lisa incurs traveling to and from the hospital and rehab. It will pay for the things they need in the house for that day we will all wait with baited breath for, the day Tim gets to come home. And it will help pay for the future that somehow got turned upside down for them last week. So, we have this fund and I’d like to ask you from the bottom of my heart, if you’d donate any amount you can to it. There are four ways to donate money to help the Hortons.

  1. You can stop by any Wells Fargo location around the country to donate to the Tim Horton Donation Account.
  2. Your bank can transfer money directly into the account.
  3. Please feel free to stop by my house to drop any checks off. Checks can be made to the Tim Horton Donation Account. 
  4. Donations can also be made via Paypal. Please be aware it will give my name, Julie Farley, as the donation coordinator but the money goes right into Tim’s donation account.

Thank you. Thank you for considering a donation. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts I know you’ll send toward our friend and the whole Horton Family. Thank you for taking the time to read the words most of us never imagined uttering.

One comment on “Tim

  1. Carol Jo on said:

    Julie, What a wonderful tribute to Timmy & his family! You have been the “glue” for Lisa & we will be forever grateful for your generosity & wonderful friendship!!
    We love you & your family!

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