Cover up, Buttercup!

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Skin Surgery Center waiting for the next two hours to see if the first incision/removal of my basal cell carcinoma removed all of the cancer.  The doctor marked me up and the scar will be bigger than I expected.  I was hoping for an eye lift but the fab doctor, who accommodated all of my nervous chatter,  pointed out it would only be on one side and that would be awkward…

E’s parting words to me were, “I hope they put part of your butt on your face, Mom! You can be buttface!” But I won’t be buttface because apparently I have young skin and the size, shape and placement of the cancer doesn’t work for a graft. So instead, I’ll be Frankenmommy! Have no fear, my fabulous hairdresser is going to gently cut some heavy bangs for me tomorrow so my vanity won’t suffer a huge blow.

But, why you ask am I sharing all this info with you? Well, writing relaxes me and I need to relax right now. Also, I want to remind you to stay out of the sun. I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s and lived minutes from the beach. We sat out in the sun even though my dad’s mom, the grandmother I never met, died of melanoma. I was a kid and it didn’t mean much to me. Was there baby oil involved? Once, I believe.  Stupid? Absolutely. And now I get to pay the price. But the most important message is to go get anything strange checked out. The spot above my eyebrow was red and didn’t look like much—kind of pimply. My dermatologist was pretty certain it was basal cell carcinoma from the start and biopsied it. Sure enough it was. And here I am.

I’m neurotic about my kids being in the sun. We spray and re-apply. I wear a hat now when I’m outside and 50+ SPF is my preference. I’ll get my golden glow from eating too many carrots, my green juices or the sunless tanning lotion I love instead.

***Update…I’m home now and feeling pretty lousy. I have 25 stitches in my head and my left eye is black and blue and swollen. I don’t want to share my picture…enough of you have seen it or me and judging from your reactions I should keep it to myself. The stitches come out next week and the healing will begin.

***Update #2…I’ve just seen the scar and suddenly every blemish I’ve ever had on my face pales in comparison…

3 comments on “Cover up, Buttercup!

  1. Carol Jo Mills on said:

    OMGoodness!!! Enough already! Glad to hear you are OK & hopefully all is clear! Nothing can happen to “our” Julie!!

  2. Mary O'Rourke on said:

    Hello My Old Friend… I just read your blog entry..It seems as though life does come full circle.. I can remember the days of baby oil and sunburns.. thinking that “My Color” -looked good. Now that I have “Irish Skinned” babies in the Searing heat of Australia, I wonder what I was ever thinking. I hope this message finds you well and healing.. here’s to Knowing better and doing better for our kids..

    • Julie Farley on said:

      Thanks for the message! I remember that one sunburn we both got after a day at the beach that was quite bad! We were a mess! Hope you are all of your boys are doing well! xo

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