A little gruesome

I’ve been told repeatedly that writing about my experience with skin cancer was a great use of my blog. A number of you have made appointments with your doctors and even more of you have shared your stories—stories of strength—with me. Yes, the experience was pretty miserable but my doctor was fabulous and if you’re in the Richmond area and need someone to see, please message me. That being said, I want to share my scar progress with you. I swear I lift up my gorgeous bangs (Thanks Rebekah at Serendipity!) ten times a day to show people how it looks. Scars are scary. Scars on your face can be terrifying. Days after surgery they look ugly, big and prominent. But days after that, they start to get smaller. And I think if you knew, if I had known, it would get better…really soon…it would make the early days even easier and maybe you won’t be too scared to make the call for that all important appointment.  So wherever your scar may be, I hope these pictures give you a little hope.

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