Eleven things I know

1. Sleeping with my three little people in my bed is equally the most precious and torturous thing I can do.

2. Finishing a tall, no longer hot, non-fat chai at 8:30 pm is never a good idea…ever even if I have four reasons/excuses for the chai in the first place. (double rainy soccer games, big guys at a baseball tourney, internal stitches popping out of my forehead, and a fifteen-year-old two hundred miles away requesting a traditional Arab outfit by Monday for a presentation….geesh, I should have chosen vodka and not chai!)

3. Silence scares me. Like really scares me so much that I continually start talking before the other person is finished. But it’s in that silence that I find the joy, the fear and even the anger.

4. I need more silence.

5. There is no threshold for goodness and pure kindness.

6. Naked, dancing seven-year-old brothers simultaneously elicit laughter and screams of inappropriateness from older and same-aged sisters.

7. The difference between Mars and Venus is crystal clear when watching U8 girls soccer and U8 boys soccer in the same day.

8. My house will never ever be clean even if I find more hours in the day. Perfection is overrated anyway.

9. It’s a little creepy that the new U2 album is on all of our iphones whether we want it to be or not. And I think I prefer the old-fashioned way to buy U2 albums…at the music store at midnight with all of my college buddies. But I still like U2 and I wish I could convince Apple to push my books onto phones on the cloud in the same way.

10. “What if I fall?”  “Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson I used to(like yesterday) think that I needed to have this tattooed to my eyelids. But now I’m ready to fly even if I end up failing in the process.

11. When the sun peeks above the horizon, I will feel very sorry I didn’t sleep longer.


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