My thoughts from a middle school parking lot

I believe having a conversation face to face is best. I believe using a pencil and paper beats any technology. I believe creativity is stifled by our reliance on computers. I believe we are too connected. I believe limiting screen time is the only way. I believe my kids learn more when they play mancala or Sleeping Queens rather than playing a game on my iPad. I believe the sweetest words in the English language are Hi Mommy. I believe we should bow down to the teachers who are constantly forced to implement new and sometimes inane programs into their classroom while having to meet and exceed expectations. I believe there are many ways to do things but should be only one way to add 3+2. I believe Steve jobs was onto something when he didn’t give his kids i-devices. I believe there’s nothing more beautiful than words written on paper and bound together by thread. I believe we worry about all the wrong things. I believe the thousandth kiss is as magical as the first. I believe there is magic in beginnings and you can find some in endings too. I believe happily ever afters are alive and well. I believe in another tomorrow.

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