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I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have last week behind me. It was one of those weeks that kept leaving me saying, “what the heck?” Honestly, those weren’t the words I was using by Friday. We began the week waiting for lab results for the kids. Gigs presented with an enlarged and lumpy thyroid at her physical the Thursday before so she had to have a battery of tests done to figure out what was going on. All of the labs came back fine, which was good but left us wondering what was causing the mysterious thyroid issues. So off we went to a specialist. Many of you know the saga that took place that afternoon but I’m not sure it’s appropriate for public consumption on the blog. Suffice it to say, we are still working on the thyroid issues and I’ve realized it’s never the stuff you’re actually worrying about that you should be worrying about. That’s a mouthful but oh so true.

Friday morning brought my annual mammogram. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy…or so I thought. After the first mammogram I was lucky enough to get called back for a second look. And then a 3D mammogram. And finally an ultrasound. I started to get teary during one of the waits in the waiting room. My nerves shattered and I was filled with thoughts wondering what they were looking at on the big screens in the back room. But Maroon 5 came on the overhead speakers and I started to laugh. And my chuckle reminded me that I can tackle what ever I’m handed. I’m tough. I’m resourceful and resilient. The kind ultrasound tech was the first to soothe my nerves and tell me she thought it was a large, clear cyst. The doctor came in minutes later and confirmed the diagnosis. He mentioned cysts can be from consuming too much caffeine. I snapped back and told him I had four kids and caffeine was my lifeline. I left and found some comfort in an iced venti nonfat chai.

We, the Farleys, have been faced with several annoying medical issues lately. Although, much of it has been nothing compared to things I’ve watched some go through. All of the issues have stemmed from routine checks. In this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to remind you to have your mammogram. While you’re scheduling it call your dermatologist make that appointment. Make all your appointments. Do whatever you can. It’s scary, like spine numbing scary, but the alternative is a thousand times worse. You can do this…no matter what this is. boob

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