Yuck, yuck and yuck

Dear Adam,

I am an adoring fan. Quite possibly one of your biggest fans, I mean who else has written a whole series of books about you? As far as I know…no one else! I’ve seen you in concert. I have multiple copies of your Sexiest Man Alive cover sitting on my desk. My kids fear I’ll meet you and never come home. I get texts, emails and phone calls from dozens of people every time you’re on television. Basically, I’m your girl and you’re my guy.

Except, I don’t like your new video, Animals. Actually, I hate your new video. I was so grossed out by it I had to stop watching and that says a lot coming from your number 1 fan. I watched until you were hanging out with all that meat(I am a quasi-vegetarian but that’s not why it bugged me.). The video made me think you must have an evil twin brother because the Adam I know with the witty banter on the Voice would never ever make something like that. And isn’t it also being used in a Kia video with some hamster-y looking things? You’re sending some mixed messages and I’m not even talking about the stalker issues the video brings up.

Yes, I know no publicity is bad publicity and this was a highly creative endeavor but the images that keep popping up all over the internet are making me want to turn in my I-Love-Adam-Levine badge. Promise you’ll make something a little more tame for all the over forty soccer moms who drool over you? Thanks!

Eternally yours(unless you make another freaky video),

One comment on “Yuck, yuck and yuck

  1. Teresa Fivek on said:

    I agree! Very creepy and it gets much worse. I watched the whole thing and sorry I did!! I hope your guy listens to you.

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