It’s November already. Pictures of snow are popping up on my Facebook wall. I’m wearing my old Uggs slippers instead of my flip-flops.We’re inundated with Christmas commercials and my kids are starting to make their Christmas lists. It’s the month that’s supposed to be filled with gratitude and turkeys. And I’m still stuck in August. If I try hard enough I bet I can still find sand in my suitcase from our beach vacation. I’m certain there’s something in my house that still has the faint smell of chlorine or suntan lotion left on it. I’m not sure how time’s passing this quickly. It certainly never moved as fast when I counted down the days until my twenty-first birthday.

And the too fast passage of time leaves me filled with guilt when I don’t use it wisely. When I fill my minutes and hours with worries or random internet searches, I throw blame around like confetti. Instead I intend to fill my moments with purpose and get stuck watching them waste away while I deliver a not-so-believable excuse.

Time, be gentle and slow as the nights grow colder and darker. Keep my kids where they are and their hands little enough to hold. Let me cherish the moments and help me move through each day with more smiles and less stress and hurry. Time…be ┬ámy friend, not my enemy.


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