Things I could do if I didn’t drink Starbucks

If I stick to my regular, every day venti iced nonfat chai, I will spend $1635.20 on Starbucks this year. More than likely I’ll end up back at Starbucks later in the day telling myself I deserve a reward in a less calorie laden form costing somewhere around $4. If I do that a third of the year, approximately 122 days, I’ll spend another $488 and that’s assuming I am not with a Farley child who may be clamoring for a treat. Now I’ve raised my Starbucks yearly total to $2123.20. I guarantee(but I’m not checking) that it’s greater than that.

As I started thinking about it today and doing the preliminary math in my head, I began to wonder what I could get for that amount. What would I do if I found myself with an extra $2100? Buy a new couch? A trip to Hawaii? Redo our floors? Donate it all to charity?

And suddenly, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt and a need to kick my habit. But it’s not that easy. My chai relaxes and nourishes me. The first sip of the magic elixir starts my morning out on the right foot. Who am I kidding? I am 100% addicted.

So instead of resisting the lure of Starbucks, I find myself justifying my daily visits. I don’t get regular pedicures or manicures(I’ve not had a pedicure all year, which is evident when you look at my toes, and I had a manicure once right before my book signing). I don’t spend money on a cleaning lady(obvious when you look at my house!)or a fancy gym(again, another thing that is probably obvious!). My chai is my luxury item. My little slice of iced nirvana…and so what if my four kids need to go to college some day!iced-chai

One comment on “Things I could do if I didn’t drink Starbucks

  1. Michelle James on said:

    Starbucks certainly has many of us addicted for sure. I too, justify it as vital to my day. When you add up the cost as you did, it makes me wonder what we did with that money before Starbucks. Yes, I will be enjoying my chai or soy latte along with you today. Cheers.

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