To me, Annie’s not just a movie. I have so much of my childhood invested in those catchy tunes. I remember wearing my pink and white tank sundress and going to Broadway to see the play with my dad after a lunch at Tavern on the Green. I remember playing the record over and over and over again and then singing “Tomorrow” while I showered, rode my bike, and ran around the neighborhood. I remember seeing the movie and not liking it nearly as much as I liked the theatre production but still holding a soft spot for it.

My kids adore the old movie and when we heard about the new release, we knew we had to see it. And today we did. I had a hard time not singing along when the orphans started singing “Maybe” and I wore a goofy smile as I watched my little guys swaying to the songs. Visions of a new Annie legacy danced through my head. And then Jamie Foxx started singing and it all changed. I love me some Jamie Foxx but his performance felt forced and awkward. That being said, I will definitely still buy the DVD when it comes out so we can watch it whenever we’d like.

Justin skipped the movie because…well, because he doesn’t feel the Annie tug like I do but also because the Rotten Tomatoes reviews were so awful. Ethan looked at me during the movie(during one of the worst songs in the movie) and said, “I can’t understand why all those people on Rotten Tomatoes didn’t like this movie.” He loved it. And I realized that’s all that matters.

My sentimental heart loved reliving my own Annie moments today and I’m glad my kids are creating some as well. Sure they could have left out the few curse words in the movie and all of Ms. Hannigan’s drinking but I fell in love with that little orphan, I mean foster kid, all over again. anniempsmall

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