Oh 2014…

Where did you go? I swear it was just June and I was celebrating having a summer off from packing lunches. I used to hear the clock ticking as each second passed while I sat in European History in tenth grade and now I blink and the whole day has disappeared. I watched Taylor Swift singing on New Year’s Eve and then counted down as the ball dropped at midnight. I know it’s 2015 but I’m not quite sure where 2014 went…

But in this new year, I have ideas about what I want and what I want to do. I want to worry less(I know we all do, but I’m actually going to do it). I want to be on here more and not wait for the perfect words but instead let what’s swirling around in my head come out on my virtual journal. I want to read more. Oh and learn more. Spend some time remembering my French and memorizing gorgeous words. Drink more green smoothies and stop bending my knees in Downward Dog. Encourage my kids and help their passions bloom…because isn’t that what life’s all about?

Mostly, I want to be more me. Yes, I’m sure that scares those who were with me on New Year’s Eve at my fancy top and pajama bottom get together. I want to be true to what I want and what I hope to accomplish. Finish the book that resides in my soul. Fill my hours with the ones I adore and the work that swells my heart.

And really, who knows what this year will bring but it’s not the whole of the year I’ll focus on…it’s the moments filled with the laughter and shrieks, twinkling nights and darkness, and the dreams big and small that still need to be fulfilled. image

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