four is the new black

You’ve seen the posts making their way around Facebook, mothers with four children are less stressed than those with three. Cue the attempts at one lost child for mothers of three around the world as they grasp at ways to reduce the stress of their daily lives. And so begins another set of mommy wars with the different camps arguing over the coveted title of “Most Stressed Mom.”

But let me give you my two cents…this mother of four doesn’t have time to be stressed. Well, that’s not 100% true. There’s always time to worry about meaningless things but I am forced to let them fall by the waist side. For instance, I was in heated deliberations with my seven-year-old yesterday about his choice of clothing for the day(athletic shorts and a short-sleeved shirt) when I told him not to even think about putting that stinky pair of socks back on. At the same time, one of the girls walked in asking for her hair to be fashioned in a high pony and the other complained of a burning sensation as she was peeing. I never thought about the socks again…until we were sitting in the pediatrician’s office later that afternoon with the door closed and I could smell the not-so-sweet aroma. See, because of my four children I was distracted and avoided a confrontation and increased aggravation. It seems we’ve also avoided any toe fungus and all four went to bed relatively happy and healthy.

Having four is like putting on your favorite pair of black leggings. Four looks good with everything and doesn’t show the dirt(because there’s so much of it you don’t know where to look). Four is comfy and can go for days without washing. Four is forgiving and busy enough to make you forget you still have cellulite on your thighs.

Now I planned on editing this post and spending some more time waxing poetically about my stress-free life with four children, but one has just woken up with a sore throat and another is crying because she was woken up by her sister. (Just as an aside, I already sent one off to baseball practice at 5:40 this morning. That leaves only one Farley child in bed while the moon still shines and I have a feeling that won’t last much longer.) So instead of correcting my grammar and stressing about my sentence structure, I leave you with a picture of my loves who fill my days with so much chaos I don’t even recognize it as such.image

One comment on “four is the new black

  1. Michelle James on said:

    Julie, it’s not the number of children you have (you 4, me 3, my mom 6) that cause stress, but the events of the day, week, etc. When my children were young (oh, how I miss those days) the events outside my control (coach calling an unscheduled after school meeting and I find out AFTER I put the baby down for his nap that I have to get him up again to pick up number one child) that caused me stress. Illness and injuries, if serious, would cause anyone stress. But the day to day events, friends popping in and out, arguments among themselves, the hustle and bustle that every family has on a day to day basis, were not stressful. I guess what I’m trying to say, is much of the stress families feel is perceived, rather than real. To me, it wasn’t stress, but a normal part of living with children. I think a parent of one can be more stressed than a parent of 6 if all those little issues are seen as stressful rather than normal everyday activity.
    You have a beautiful family. Enjoy EVERY moment, because that empty nest is closer than you realize.

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