I like new beginnings…the start of a new year, the first day of summer, back-to-school, Lent and even the Chinese New Year. They’re times to reinvent yourself. To start over. Try something new. Listen to your heart and soul. Kick a bad habit. Start a new one.

In theory I could do this on any random day of my choosing but I need the prompt of the calendar to force me to start.

I’m spiritual but not good at organized religion. I believe in horoscopes, crystals, the power of reiki, and numbers but I also believe in prayer and the beauty of the predictability of Catholicism. I eschew some of the beliefs in my religion. I wholeheartedly believe in equality in every sense of the word and maybe because some of my beliefs don’t match up with those of the church in a pretty fashion, I find it easy to excuse my absence at mass.

But it’s Lent and three of my four children are receiving sacraments this May. I’ve decided I need to get in touch with my faith over the next forty days, for me and for my kids. So I’ve vowed that we’ll go to church and I’ve downloaded samples of a half dozen books on faith. I tend to be filled with initiative and a gung ho attitude in the beginning of my soul searching adventures, but this time I hope to stick it out and work on my own type of mixed-up religion.f857a0acddba8661d2f6ff3a95dc2d3e

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