another day, another worry

i’ve got myself all wrapped up in worrying about my kids again…well, today it’s just one kid in particular. i’m happy to report alex’s driving has improved, slightly, and i was able to remove my hands from the armrest for several moments as he drove around the neighborhood.

since my mind eased up on the alex driving drama, i suppose i made room to stress about eva. she’s turning eleven in two days. eleven…i can’t wrap my mind around the fact that my fifty-three pound little girl is turning eleven and going to middle school. but see, i think she might be an introvert. or maybe she’s someone who really likes to hang out with her family above all else. or maybe she’s shy and really wants to be in the middle of things socially but is afraid to be. or maybe she sees how busy we are and doesn’t want to ask me if she can have a playdate. or maybe she doesn’t want to ask her friends to come over and see our craziness or the piles of laundry. and maybe then she won’t have any friends to go to cotillion with and she’ll be on the dance floor in her little white gloves all by herself. and then she might be walking through the halls of her middle school with her heavier-than-her backpack and not have anyone to sit with at lunch and her lunch might be stuck in her locker because surely she’ll have the top locker and won’t be able to reach it. and then she’ll miss the bus at the end of the day because it will take her too long to figure out the whole locker thing and she’ll be standing at the school all alone and not be able to reach me because my phone will end up being like alex’s and not work when it’s outside(really…come on fifteen-year-old! concoct a better story than that for your mother who was the queen of stories!).

obviously my mind is churning at warp speed and i think i’ll just blame it on the hour we lost this weekend. i’ve scheduled a deep breath for later this evening after i pick eva up from ballet and settle in to watch my adam on tv. and hopefully i’ll start using capital letters again soon and stop starting all my sentences with and but really…that’s a story for another day…IMG_9726

4 comments on “another day, another worry

  1. Lisa Barock on said:

    I don’t always have time to comment. But thanks for sharing the same fears we all have about our kids! I still worry the same about my boys. . Not to mention the driving thing w them too! Then my “little girl” is on a 5 day cruise to nassau w 3 friends and i have no contact w her! Sometimes I don’t think I’m adult enough to be an adult! Thank you for all that you share and write about!!!

  2. Erika Houston on said:

    Our little man starts soccer this afternoon and I have been doing the same thing. I decided to just take a deep breath and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Susan Drexel on said:

    Love this! I can totally relate too. I have a 17 year old and my baby just turned 11 today. I’m terrified of middle school and so worried she won’t like it! Glad to know I’m not alone even though I hate that anyone else has the stress I do.

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