I’ll keep him

imageAnother week, another set of birthdays in the Farley house. Eva, the one I can’t stop worrying about, turned eleven today and Justin turned forty-four. Imagine if I had held on to the twins for a little less than two weeks? It could have been four Farley birthdays on one day. Eva was so hellbent on arriving on her Daddy’s birthday there wasn’t even time for an epidural. And after today, I know why she couldn’t wait to meet him. (Truthfully, I’ve known for a lot longer but I was simply reminded again today.)

We try to have lunch with our kids at school on their birthdays(of course only when they’re in elementary school…the older one doesn’t want to have lunch with us.). Because Eva’s lunch took place while I was teaching, Justin went on his own. After I finished work and looked at my phone, I had a text with a picture from Justin of his sweet little girl and a text from a friend, who works at school, of Justin and Eva enjoying their Chick-Fil-A. What I didn’t notice at first were the flowers, vase, placemat and napkins they were using. When I realized it I texted Justin and asked about it and his only response was the flowers were fake. Now I know our school can be a bit over-the-top, but I thought this setup was a little much even for our favorite elementary school. So I called him to get the scoop. Turns out this husband of mine went to Party City before Eva’s lunch and bought place settings because it’s the last year he’ll be able to do this with her since she’s off to middle school next year. At first my eyes filled with tears and I was mad at myself for not leaving school a little early to have lunch with her too. But the more I’ve thought about it, the happier I am. How lucky is this little girl to have a dad who would do this for her? How lucky am I to have a husband who does things like this for my kids…and for me?

So today, on their birthday, I feel like I was given the gift…the gift of two artistic souls who make my days more colorful and filled with joy.

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