A few things I’m craving and adoring…and maybe a few Mother’s Day ideas

A little list of some things I’m adoring at the moment…and maybe a few Mother’s Day ideas for someone special in your life.

I adore these bracelets! I’m usually not a person who follows a big trend or I ditch the item once everyone has it but that’s not the case with these. I wear mine every day and love the energy they bring me. They come with little cards explaining what each one signifies and the messages are simply perfect. I am craving the feather bracelet.

I’m only about a quarter of the way through this book but I’m certain it will change the way I think about things.

IF you see me on a regular basis, you know how I feel about long necklaces…I love them! Tiny Devotions mala beads are a fav of mine. Justin got me the Goddess Mala a couple of years ago and now I’m in love with this one.

So one of the reasons my fourth book isn’t out yet is because of Instagram(really it’s because of the four people under the age of 16 who live in my house). I’m obsessed. Like have an intervention obsessed. If you’re not on it, you should be. It is so awesome. I love the mix of words and photographs. Facebook has become so commercial and you can’t see your “friends” things anymore. Instagram is the place to be says this forty-something-year-old mother. Follow me over there…

Yes, I am a preschool teacher so it’s not a surprise that I like to color but even if I hung out with adults all day I think I would find it relaxing to color in this coloring book. We have the Enchanted Forest and the Secret Garden edition and they are the perfect gift(even for yourself!).

Cutest things ever…I love fairy gardens and I love vintage campers. Need I say more?

This blog post is a keeper. I can’t wait to make my own key jar.

This winter I became obsessed with my wool poncho. When we were in California I saw a really cool summer-y one. Looks like the perfect thing to throw on over a swimsuit or shorts.

And of course….Adam+Levine+87th+Annual+Academy+Awards+Show+kL0AFdb2ucxl

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