When messed up plans turn magical

Friday was my day. My free day. My writing day. My day to get everything done that I couldn’t do during my work week. But as with most things that I plan, it didn’t happen. Alex woke up with what I quickly diagnosed as a sinus infection and a morning at the doctor’s office and an afternoon chasing down prescriptions prevailed. At this moment, this May-and-June-are-the-new-December time, I feel like I need to make every moment count. It’s the season of Communions, Confirmations, Art Shows, Field Days, recitals and picnics. My time, our time, is full. And on Friday, instead of ticking items off of my to-do-list or finalizing another chapter in my book, I was reminded what moments actually count.

During the course of a normal week, I sometimes feel as if Alex(15yo) and I are ships passing in the night. There are quick meals served, shirts ironed, papers signed and rides to the gym. Conversations are quick and usually involve another sibling inevitably trying to steal some attention. But on Friday, we had time and it was filled with words. We talked about simple things and big life goals. We shared small insights and secrets that can’t be told around little brothers and sisters. We laughed. He even scared the everliving daylights out of me. And I wanted to hold onto the time. I willed the clock to stop ticking. I wrapped the moments up and tucked them into my heart. The moments filled with trust and love sans the normal teenage attitude. I took this day, this day that I had wished could be something else, and I’m saving it in my forefront of my mind.

And I know deep down in my heart that he enjoyed our time as much as I did because when I carelessly threw a backpack into the coat closet knocking out the cable, phone and internet…he laughed. On almost any other day I would have been on the receiving end of some major teenage grumpiness.

Thank you Universe for helping me see what moments really count…for helping me take a disappointment and turn it into a triumph…for making me realize my life is full…full of smiles, laughter, joy, sadness, adventures and tears…not just busy.

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