Old School Paper

FullSizeRenderIf you know me, you know my iPhone 6 plus is my like my third hand. I’m rarely without it. I never have a moment where I’m running around searching for my phone.  Unless, of course, one of the kids has taken it to play a game or record a sibling doing something inappropriate. I used to keep my calendar on my phone. I frequently set reminders and make lists on it and it always serves as a library of all the books I want to read and some I am reading.

But over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself using more paper…and I love it! I’m reading paper books which I can share with friends(a huge source of enjoyment for me) and my kids can see me reading a book as opposed to when I’m on my phone even if I’m reading they think I’m on Facebook. I’ve also decided I love book covers. As I pass the book sitting on my desk or nightstand, the cover always brings a smile to my face. Something I don’t see as often if it’s on my kindle app. My paper lists are making it much easier to get what I need at Target(and not ten other items I don’t need!). And my new planner is not only the cutest planner in the world but it is keeping me on top of everything I need to do.

I realize it’s probably just my current state of mind or the newness of my products that is making me love them but it’s working and I’m in a clear paper mode for the moment….or until I decide it’s time to get the iPhone 6S plus.

Are you a paper user or more of an electronic person?

Oh…and I’m getting a Blue Apron delivery today…wish me luck as I’ve already had a stress dream about it!

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