The Big Life

Over the last few days, I’ve learned(and thought about) a few things from my new obsession with podcasts.

1. Research says if you are happy before you move you have a greater chance of being happy after a move. Pretty obvious when you think about it I suppose, but this tiny fact I happened upon serendipitously(is that even a word?),  has made a huge difference in my mindset. Actually, the fact that I gained this new information by pushing play on the wrong podcast makes me believe the Universe sent this little statistic to calm my soul. The bottomline is that I am very happy now…therefore  happiness will surely continue.

2. In Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier, she professes the idea of choosing the bigger life. When I think about the bigger life it’s clearly one that is outside of your comfort zone. Living on the water on an island and commuting by ferry sounds like it must fit within the definition of the bigger life, right? But maybe it’s actually the little things that will be filling our days that makes it bigger. Or maybe it’s the fact that it will be hard to start anew that makes this whole move thing the bigger decision? Or could it simply be that the outcome is not guaranteed or scripted that makes moving to Seattle the bigger life for my family? My guess is it’s a little bit of all these things…

3. In the same podcast, Gretchen Rubin mentioned how important it was to own a big decision so you can’t place blame on someone. This smacked me in the face. In my house, you can hear the words, “Dad’s making us move,” bandied about at any moment. Dad made us could easily become a popular refrain for the months and years ahead…and as much as I sometimes don’t want to, I’ve decided I have to be the band leader helping my peeps find positive reasons for the move so they(we) don’t end up resenting Justin’s(I mean our) decision to start this adventure. Boy, some days it feels really hard to find my own reasons to want to move. I mean scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel hard. But I am trying. Today I saw a picture of a lady paddle boarding  on Lake Union around the houseboats and I honestly can’t wait to do that. I better go watch Sleepless in Seattle!

I’m so used to reading and have had very little time over the last sixteen years to listen to things other than words out of my babes’ mouths. Listening to a podcast is a treat with the added benefit of gaining a little bit of enlightenment or inspiration with each episode…try it, you might like it.

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