I will never be a professional thigh dancer…but

I adore my barre class but I hate thigh dancing…like I would probably rather do ten extra sets of planks instead of thirty seconds of thigh dancing. But that pain must mean something good is happening, right? I hope so, well actually, I know so.

I’ve been taking classes at my local barre studio on Bainbridge Island since February. I started going five days a week(children permitting) at the beginning of March and haven’t looked back since. I’ve never been a group exercise girl. I’ve had many a gym membership that have grown mold from lack of use. Getting pregnant with twins brought my burgeoning tennis career to an abrupt halt and my ever problematic feet put an end to my dreams of long distance running.

After a winter of goodbye parties filled with a little too much gluttony and one too many you-made-me-move-3000-miles-away pastries, I felt like I was in need of a new workout routine. Twenty minutes on a stationary bike and a walk/run through the woods wasn’t going to cut it anymore if I wanted this forty-something body to get it together. When we moved to Bainbridge Island, I kept seeing barrecor’s cute little logo all around town. I googled them…as I do everything before I try it…and noticed I could take two free classes. I put aside my fear of group exercise, bought a pair of cute socks with grippy bottoms, and searched for my inner ballerina.

Three months later, I am more enamored with the whole workout than I was in the beginning. The studio is filled with the most authentic and kind people(mostly women). The instructors are delightful, inspiring, and welcoming. There are people of all sizes, ages, and levels of fitness and never once have I felt insecure or inadequate. I’m really not sure how they’ve cultivated such an aura of acceptance, maybe we’re breathing in some secret essential oils as we walk through the doors, but it makes for a truly happy place.

The workout is not easy. The repetitive isometric exercises follow a pattern but change everyday. But the upbeat music paired with ever-changing positions makes the hour fly by.

I feel myself getting stronger. I can hold the plank for each set without falling to my knees. My posture has completely changed. I can see definition in my arms that I didn’t know existed. I feel better than I have in quite a long time. And, get this, I’ve lost seven inches! One of the owners encouraged me to take a picture of myself in March to mark my progress. I did and I’ve been taking them ever since and trying to hide them from my sneaky childrens’ eyes. I’ve always been a girl who loves a good tunic or poncho or better yet an a-line dress that hides the flaws. But as I get older, I find myself trying to embrace the imperfections. And as my girls grow, I find myself wanting them to love everything about their bodies. How can I expect them to do that if I don’t? So, I’m trying and learning and I’m going to be really bold and share my before and during picture on here because I’m proud of myself.
I’m so grateful to the instructors at barrecor for being so patient and inspiring as well as for giving me a happy place on the island. I love the community I’ve found there…and who am I kidding, I can’t wait to lose more inches!

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