Six months, 5 chickens, and 1 rabbit later…

We’ve been here for just over six months. We’ve had a happy barrage of visitors in recent weeks and quite honestly I’ve been too busy picking up dust bunnies to put together many words. But I feel like I need to mark this milestone with words rather than another round of dust mopping.

Six months ago I had no idea what my life would look like. I honestly had no idea if we’d find happiness ever again. I was worried that Alex would disappear in the middle of the night and catch the next ferry to the mainland. Yes, I do have a flare for the dramatic, but we had a good life…no, a great life…in Virginia. Leaving everything we loved opened up a gigantic hole in our hearts. I trudged through the dark wet days of January and February and started to see some light as spring began. Friendly smiles greeted me at my regular haunts and dare I say, some of them have become my friends.

Yesterday we went on a family hike at Mt. Rainier National Park. Car rides can be a complete nightmare for our family filled with constant bickering or they can be filled with conversation and laughter. Yesterday’s ride was filled with the latter. We talked about a recent article in Men’s Journal naming Bainbridge Island as one of the ten best places to live in the United States. After a week filled with idyllic celebrations for the fourth of July, it was hard to find anything wrong with our new home. In fact, even Alex admitted it would be Utopia if we hadn’t ripped him away from all of his friends. At that moment, with those words, I realized we survived. We made it to the other side. All of us could find good in our new lives. Our hearts still miss our friends and family more than we can imagine but we’ve learned that we didn’t lose them and many of the bonds have grown stronger.

So as we’ve gone beyond simply surviving, I can now focus more on thriving. I’m thinking about my writing again. I’ve self published, been lucky enough to be published by a publisher(who has since gone out of business), and even had a story published in Italy-in Italian no less! And with all that behind me and my rose-colored glasses on my nightstand, I know it’s the process of writing and sharing my stories with you that I love. So expect more words from me. More musings from my heart. Maybe even some stories that have taken residence in my mind. Because one thing I’ve discovered, this island, this place I now call home, it welcomes creativity in all shapes and forms. And without my creativity, I’m barely surviving and so far from thriving.

It’s taken six months to embrace and find my creativity again but I’m welcoming it with open arms just like this island has done to us.IMG_9130

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