Where have I been?

I know the technical and physical answer to this question. We spent almost three weeks back in Virginia. Traveling around visiting with family and friends. Remembering good times and creating memories to carry us until our next visit. Never sitting down for longer than one course of a meal. Exploring Alex’s next steps and leaving laundry in several zip codes. I learned most friendships never die and it’s easy to pick up right where you left off even if you’ve spent most of the year 3000 miles apart. But then I remembered I was living out of a suitcase and I’d have to return to my other life eventually.

Coming back to Bainbridge Island was not easy. Jet lag would not let itself be ignored. And our hearts felt like they cracked open somewhere across the Great Plains. I’d be lying if I failed to mention that I’m struggling with where I belong in a physical sense and a new age-y weird sense as well. I’m a thinker…an over thinker and I wonder if it’s possible to have my heart living in two places at once. Can I have a life on two coasts? And what am I doing with this life anyway? What is my greater purpose?

So obviously I’ve been in my head a lot lately stuck in the what-am-I-doing-with-my-life phase that has intensified after a long visit home and four kids going back to school leaving me in a quiet(FINALLY!) house. I’ll find my way again. I’ll navigate through my days with people(far and near) whom I love and add words back into my life slowly but surely until I find that place, my happy place, that my soul feels settled in.

Until then I’ll be on my island taking in the sea breeze, spending time with new friends and keeping in close touch with the old, and watching marathon sessions of Gilmore Girls(why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome it is?)!

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